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    How recruitments are made by the private banks like ICICI bank, HDFC bank, AXIS bank etc.?

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    How many private banks are functioning in India at present and how recruitments are made by the private banks like ICICI bank, HDFC bank, AXIS bank etc.? Is the salary structure in private banks better than Government banks? Has the IBPS any role in such recruitments?
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    Each private bank has it's own recruitment process. Apart from the marks obtained in the Bank Exams, they run their own hiring process. Each process follows by training of specific months. Here the person is trained to make calls and manage different tasks in the bank. This recruitment process usually is meant for the junior recruits.

    Salary structure depends on the type of the position being filled. Also the structure depends on PSU banks and private banks such as ICICI, AXIS and few others. The earning start from 35K onwards minimum for private banks.

    IBPS monitors the process and the flow of the recruitment and also keeps an eye on how the process is being performed. However private banks taking such process based on their experience, a lot more is being done than IBPS guidelines.

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    Banking sector has now become very much tough. There is a lot of competition in private banks now. And that's the reason, they want multi talented employees.
    The recruitment process, in general includes and entrance test, then a short term training period for selected candidates on the basis of their performance in test.
    After completion of training, the final selection takes place. Please note that, candidates get some stipend during their training period.
    Most of the job in private banks are now target oriented and salary, incentive and even promotions are now completely based on completion of targets given to them.


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    The private - banks have their own examination system and the aspirants are selected on the basis of the their performance in the written test conducted by the concerned authority and again after their success in the test, they have to face the oral test being conducted by the members on the interview. The oral - interview assess the internal capabilities of the aspirants and they are finally selected after the approval of the members of the board. In the final round, the successful candidates have to go in for a medical - test conducted by the medical team of the banks. These private banks recruit aspirants seeing the internal potential and attitudes of the aspirants. The candidates should be laborious to achieve the targets of the banks.
    The other process is the hiring of the aspirants through their hiring agencies. Here also there is thorough screening of the aspirants so that the successful candidates can contribute significantly towards the fulfilment of the targets of the banks.

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    Private banks liek ICICI, HDFC, AXIS etc is ahving tehir own recruitment method.
    They are recruting from avrious method.
    They recruit freshers, experienced person either by direct recruitment or from consultant.
    1- They have own career option in their bank web site where a candidate need to submit their profile with updated CV, if that profile match as per their recruitment they might call for an interview at preferred or required location for specific post.
    2- They hire from various job consultant for recruitment.
    3- They have tie up with several banking programme giving institutions like IFBI, TIMES PRO.
    You can visit (, ) etc for more details.
    They recruit in two way, either on pay roll, or through out sourcing.
    Normally out sourcing employees get around 10,000 to 15,000, where as direct recruit either from own selection, campus recruitment they join as assistant manager with a salary around 25,000-35,000 only after completing the successful training.

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