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    How to become effective communicator

    wondering how to improve oral communication? Searching for guidelines and tips? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Communication is all about expressing yourself to the other person and ensures that he/she has understood it easily. Everyone has their own style in it.

    How to become an effective communicator from a good communicator? What tips do you suggest ?

    Also, while talking to global counterparts at workplace, it is very important to understand their accent, respond to their queries and keep the whole conversation smooth.

    How to improve listening skills especially in terms of understanding the accent?
    What are the tools or mediums available for anyone to break this barrier ?

    Experts: do advice.
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    There are many resources available on the internet regarding the training institutes offering training in the field of effective communication etc. One such institute is -
    Dale Carnegie Training India
    1, Construction House
    Walchand Hirachand Marg
    Ballard Estate
    Phone : 022-67818113/22623683
    The institute has branches at New Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune also.
    There are many other such institute which may be located by browsing on the net. Also in major cities, many institute offer personality development courses. As far as learning communication is concerned, it is more productive to join a class room program and learn in real life situations instead of learning through audio visual aids.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @ Kailash Kumar, Thanks for your reply. Dale Carnegie is undoubtedly the one of the top institutes for Public speaking and it has wide variety of course offerings.

    My primary requirement is to break the challenges faced while interacting with the Global counterparts @ workplace. Here the primary challenge is to understand speakers accent. Anyway I will definitely check with them tomorrow about this. Still waiting for more such advises from ISC community.

    Yes, Completely agree with you that, Pune has Hundreds of institutes that offer Communication skills classes. But only very very few are really helpful for advanced learners.

    K K

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    I think the key to better communication is just doing our best in communication. Unless we communicate and find out the issues, we can't be better at it. And for that reason one has to be good at expressing their views. This also helps when you are sure of how you are progressing ahead. Sometimes input from other people make you understand how you are performing.

    Another thing is to try meetups, seminars and public speaking. These can be surely a good way to speak effectively. You learn a lot of small things as you spend your time trying to reach more people. It takes time to be effective at public speaking. But if you do it regularly it increases your confidence.

    You can improve the listening skills by attending the speaker and meetups of the area which interests you the most. It could be seminar or speech etc. Just attend the place for learning more about it.

    I think improving social skills and soft skills help with improving on this barrier. I have found that such things can be overcome if we work on it.

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    Goodday Kranthi Kumar (K K)

    The key to the better communication is to Practice communication with your neighbours in English and it has to be the pure english. This takes atleast six months time if your effort to make 3 hours per day in practice lessons.
    There are American way of speaking, Australian way of speaking, British accent, neutral accent. Usually in india we use neutral accent for call centers,and to work at BPO. There are four sections to
    have a effective communication and they are Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. The Listening part is more important as we have to understand their accent in order to reply them. Their difference in pronunication differs from person to person and also the style way of speaking manners. If you are in new delhi,its best to use the British Council and approach them for communication classes. As there will be more trained experts who have traveled to U.K. These persons will be able to train from the neutral accent to the British accent. we should not imitate their accent as do the native speakers may get angry sometimes. Using visal aids, audios are also one of the way to learn a best communication. I have been in Australia for higher education and the way native speakers speak and understand from indias does take time to pick up their accent. With hardwork and practice within 6 months we have understand and pickup their accent much better than the native speakers.
    Try listening to IELTS cds for British accent. Learn both the versions General and academic versions in the Listening sections. Try Academic reading that is tough to understand the English vocabulary. Learn more
    vocabulary and frequent vocabulary. Watch Movies now, Star Movies,sony pix, you can pick vocabulary everyday.Look for BBC News channels, CNN news for speed understanding their accent as the news readers are always dynamic in reading and also speaking.
    Audio visuals does have affect in Brain and with interest it does gets recorded in Brain.

    All the Best

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    To be effective communicator, one should note down the following points and stress should be given upon its implementation.
    1) One must be specific to a particular point. While explaining the same point, care has to be taken not to jump over the other topics which is irrevalent.
    2) As far as possible, the explanation should be precise and discussion should contain all the relevant points.
    3) One should be a careful listener so that one can give an apt answer of the query raised by the opposite partner.
    4) In order to convince the party, suitable datas, events taking place in other place can be cited lucidly to make your explanation effective.
    5) Keep your tone normal and the listener should not remain under impression that one is in agitated state.
    6) If one can use simple words in course of conversation, the more effective it would be. Starting the explanation with using clumsy words would make the listener boring and at times, the listener cannot make out the entire text.
    One can be an effective communicator with a constant practice and should not loose patience while dealing with people.

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    To become an effective communicator , first a fall you should get rid of your fear and act as if you are the best speaker in the world, own the conversation by practicing the following :

    1. Improve your vocabulary : Vocabulary is the greatest barrier one faces while trying to explain things to others, thus it's important to practice it religiously everyday.

    2. Speak up ! - People who don't talk much or try to bog themselves down often end up with poor communication skills. To fix this stand before a mirror and explain a topic or conversation to yourself. You will realize amazing this exercise can be especially when you realize that your body language changes even when you are talking to a mirror.

    3. Listen and read a lot : Be it newspaper or watching daily news, they are the crucial stepping stones to learning how author or a newsreader conveys their message, their body language, usage of words and pronunciation.

    4. Learn the Phonemic Charts : Talking about pronunciation and accents, phonemic charts is the key to understanding and talking in various accents. You will be surprised that you can not only understand accents but imitate them as well.

    5. Practice !Practice! : Toastmaster clubs are the perfect practice grounds to improve and grow as an effective communicator. They charge around 500 per year and you will find lots of foreign speakers leading your way. Just go to their site and find the nearest toastmaster club near you.(usually located in big MNC's)

    Best of luck with becoming an effective public speaker ! :)

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    To become effective communicator first and most important thing is never hesitate just try to speak and express yourself and don't have any fear about being wrong, or wether people will make fun but start to communicate especially with peoples who are ready and willing to help you.
    Never make your language very ornamental by usibg heavy words but try to find your words in accordance with your audience because if audience doesn't understand what you are speaking, speech will never be effective despite of having best content.
    The main motto should be to express yourself in a way that everyone could understand.
    Try to use the language you want to learn more and more in your daily routine.
    And for understanding accent firstly try to watch videos of teachers from internet which have subtitles in them intially try to understand the language and if it seems difficult take the help of subtitles, watch english news and doccumentries with subtitles if availabel.
    Practicing these activities you will later become habitual of understanding the language with its different accent also

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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