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    Two degrees simultaneously via distance mode

    Interested in opting for two courses in distance mode? Want to know if this is allowed? Find advice from experts on this page.

    "Recently The Distance Education Council in its 40th meeting held on 08 June 2012 approved a policy on pursuing two or more programmes simultaneously in various combinations as under:
    Two Degree Programmes cannot be allowed to be pursued simultaneously. However, a student can pursue two programmes simultaneously through distance mode or combination of distance and regular modes from the same or different Universities / Institutions in various
    combinations, viz.,
    1. One Degree and one Diploma/ P G Diploma/ Certificate
    2. One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
    3. One Diploma and one Certificate
    4. Two P G Diplomas
    5. Two Diplomas
    6. Two Certificates"
    Can a person pursue two degrees program simultaneously. One degree as a private student and other degree from distance university at the same time?
    Is it possible?
    I know that two regular degree program can't be done simultaneously.
    Can a private student do two degrees simultaneously?
    Experts: awaiting response.
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    It is possible to do two different degrees from distance learning and online mode from two different universities. From same university you're allowed to do only two combination of the courses at the same time. This is to avoid the overlapping of exams and other curriculum overlap.

    If you are doing the distance education from two different universities then it is possible to do two degrees at the same time. Regular course from two different universities is also harder to manage as well.

    You can do one degree in regular course and another course in distance learning. You can also do the same with online course and regular course.

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    In the yea 2013, the UGC had given go ahead for a student to pursue two degree courses simultaneously.
    Students enrolled in a regular full time degree programs can pursue one more additional degree program simultaneously in open or distance learning mode from the same university or from another institution.
    A student pursuing a regular degree are also allowed to pursue an additional certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or PG diploma program simultaneously either in regular or open or distance learning mode from the same university or another institution.
    Pursuing a degree as a private student is like pursuing a regular degree course. Thus it appears that any student can pursue two degree simultaneously - one as a private student in a regular course of an university and another through distance of online mode.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Duplicate post
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The information provided in this thread is totally new to me! Thanks to Mr. jeet, who has raised this thread, and Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Kaailash Kumar for their informative responses.

    Only one thing I would like to point out to Mr. jeet that the date '08 June 2012' mentioned in this thread is not 'recent'.

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