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    What is a referendum? Has any referendum been carried out in India so are?

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    Nowadays the media is abuzz about referendum in UK in connection with Brexit. What is a referendum? Has any referendum been carried out in India so are? Is voting takes place in referendum also like in the case of elections? What is the difference between a referendum and an election?
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    In a refrundam public is asked for direct voting in favor or against of any issue and a decission to be made about that issue for the betterment and future of nation.
    Earlier also Britain conducted refrundam about wether Scottland should remain part of Britain or should be seperated but peopleof scottland voted for staying united with Britain.
    But in case of Brexit refrundum was carried out in Britain to seek the public opinion on the matter wether Britain should stay with European Union(EU) or should leave it or exit it i.e, why term BREXIT:Britain's exit(from EU) is also coined. This time Britain voted in favor of exiting EU.
    As far as India is concerned there has been many demands has been raised to carry out refrundam in various parts of country like Jammu and kashmir about wether it should remain in India or it should be freed from India. But in reallity no refrundam has been carried out in India about any matter.

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    First and foremost thing, one need to understand about "Referendum" is it is a tool used in Direct Democracies. So any law before being passed is referred to the people to get their stand. It works well for a democracy with limited population. But India is a Indirect democracy, our elected representatives vote on behalf of us in Parliament and State Legislature. Secondly it is also a costly affair for country like India.
    Coming to the second question, I would like to correct Mr.Neelam Joshi. Referendums have taken place in India, but mainly they were associated with accession of a territory with India. Pondicherry became a part of India, seperating itself from French via Referendum. Similarly, Sikkim became part of India, seperating itself from the rule of Chogyal through referendum.

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    Referendum is direct voting on an issue in direct democracies. A simple statement is issued and people vote for or against it. As for example, in the last referendum, British people were asked whether Britain should remain in the European Union or not. People either vote for 'yes' or vote for 'no'.

    After independence, no referendum has been held in India. The last referendum in India was relating to inclusion of Sylhet in India or in Pakistan, held before independence. The referendum was very painful for India due to the action of some political leaders, but that is a different story.

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