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    Is Delhi a state or an Union Territory?

    Wondering if Delhi is a state or Union territory? On this Ask Expert page, you will get the answers to your query.

    We often hear about demand from the Chief Minister of the Delhi for full statehood for Delhi. Is Delhi a state or an Union Territory? What is the difference between a full statehood and present status of Delhi? Also what is the role of the Lieutenant Governor in administration of Delhi?
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    Delhi is for sure a Union Territory that is why center has more control over it. But there are some U.T's in India that enjoy a special Legislative assembly of their own which is Delhi and pondicherry or puducherry. So this makes Delhi Semi-State and Semi- UT.

    Lieutenant governor has somewhat same status as a deputy chief minister or so in a union territory. I am not sure about the rank I mentioned so I won't be able to explain much about this one.

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    Delhi as earlier a Union Territory. Now, the process has been initiated to give Delhi the State-hood. However, as Delhi is the capital of India, some of the powers of states are being exercised by the Central Government in respect of Delhi. As for example, law & order is a state subject, but in case of Delhi, it is being exercised by the Central Government. So, Delhi Police is under Central Government.

    Delhi Legislative Assembly was re-established in 1993 (after abolition in 1956), after the Constitution (69th Amendment) Act, 1991 came into force, followed by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act, 1991. The 69th Amendment to the Constitution of India declared Union Territory of Delhi to be formally known as National Capital Territory of Delhi.

    So, we can state that Delhi is a semi-state under a Lieutenant Governor and a Chief Minister with a 70 member Legislative Assembly.

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    Delhi is an union territory.. There is no doubt in it. But recently present Delhi government is trying to get state hood for Delhi also.. But in my opinion.. it is very difficult to get the same.

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    Delhi is an Union Territory because like other Union Territories for eg: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadar and Nagar HavelI, Daman and Diu,
    Lakshadweep and Puducherry because it is governed by Central Government.
    Delhi is a State because it has an State Government
    governed by CM Arvind Kejrival and his ministers.
    For eg: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab
    So according to me Delhi is both State and a Union Territory.

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