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    How is the Indian ambassador to USA selected?

    Searching for how the Indian Ambassador for other countries is appointed? Find responses from experts on this page.

    USA is one of the most powerful and important countries in the world. India presently has good bilateral relations with USA. How is the Indian ambassador to USA selected? Is ambassador a Government employee? In case so then what is the rank of an ambassador to countries like USA?
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    I guess the language matters the most. And the personality and confidence are vital too.
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    I'd like to correct you a little first. United states of America as you put it is not the world's most powerful country, Russia is the world's most powerful country. And United states of America as you put is not the world's most important country, China is the world's most important country at the moment and for the years to come.

    Coming back to your question. Well the government decides who the ambassador will be. It is based on several things like a person should have clear IFS ( Indian Foreign services ) and personality traits and language is also important. But lets be frank, more important is how much approach you have in the government.

    Its usually retired IAS or IFS earlier, now I am not sure about the current government as they prefer illiterate people more over the literate and intelligent ones.

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    The post of Indian Ambassador to the USA is a nomination post. Generally a senior IFS officer is supposed to be nominated for this post. However, keeping in view the political equations between these two countries. sometime political functionaries are also appointed against this post. However, the present Indian Ambassador is Mr. Arun Singh, who is an IFS Officer of 1979 batch at the level of Secretary.
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