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    Which is better option between B.Sc. Biotech & Agriculture, Sericulture, Fisheries course

    Unsure whether to take up B.Sc. Biotech at Jamia Millia Islamia institute or to pursue ICAR's Agriculture, Sericulture, Fisheries course? Get expert suggestions & advice from the responses below in terms of future career prospects.

    I have cleared the entrance exams of Jamia Millia Islamia and ICAR-AIEEA UG. Now I am confused about which option to go for, B.Sc. Biotech at Jamia, or Agriculture, Sericulture, Fisheries at ICAR. Please guide me to select the best option so that I can pursue a prosperous career in life. Which would have better scope in terms of a job opportunities & a career ahead?
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    Congratulations on clearing both these exams. Coming to choosing between the two, it depends on how much further you want to pursue your education.
    In case of B.Sc Biotech, job opportunities right after B.Sc are very less. However, Biotech is a broad subject and it will keep your options open for further specialization during Masters and PhD. As such scope of Biotech in India is limited to Academia (teaching), Research (government or industrial) or in sales sector of Biotech/Pharma companies. All of these except sales require further education. In case of Academia, many states don't recognize Biotech at undergraduation level as eligibility of life science related government posts. So it is essential to have a pure science subject such as zoology or botany at undergrad level.
    Coming to the ICAR course, it is a highly specialized course. First check in which university you will be able to get admission through the ICAR AIEEA UG score. Then check whether they have a placement cell or not.
    Do remember, doing a highly specialized course at graduation level itself will limit your options later on.


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    It primarily depends on the individual concerned. One important aspect is the career prospects after completing the course and another related aspect is the aptitude and interest in the fields concerned. To begin with, author should refer the detailed syllabus of both the courses and introspect as to in which subjects he is willing to do more hard work for learning. In the present competitive environment, merely completing any course is not enough. The target should be to remain within at least the top five in the class if not the top most.
    Also in case there is no urgency to join a job at the earliest after completing B.Sc. (Biotech) and the author has promise and potential to continue higher studies afterwards i.e. pursue M.Sc. and Ph.D. etc. then the Biotech field is better. Prospering in this field requires further studies. The Agriculture, Sericulture and Fisheries are totally different fields and have their own promises depending upon the capability of the candidate. To sum it can be said that the field is better in which outstanding hard work and performance can be registered.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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