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    Winrar file extracting problem.

    Having a problem extracting winrar file? Searching for a solution? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Whenever I go for extracting any kind of game rar file it says that the file is corrupted or volume is corrupted. I have reinstalled my OS and winrar but the same thing is happening. It is happening for all types of game containing rar file. Can you provide a solution to resolve this problem?
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    It seems the corruption is within the file. You can confirm this by opening the file on other friends computer. If file still doesn't open then it could be issue of the WinRAR getting corrupted. I have found that such issue with the file extraction happen quite often.

    This does not seem like OS issue. So reinstalling and formatting the OS won't solve this issue. Most of the time RAR files are sliced and connected and in between they lose the data. And this way there is going to be issue while opening them. You have to find out if this same behavior happens on other computers. And based on that you can ask for new RAR file for the game.

    You may also try by installing 7Zip software. This software can be handy in case WinRAR has some issues. 7Zip can read large number of file formats, so you can rest assure that it will read RAR file and other formats too.

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    Goodday habib shuvo,
    This often happens with games with rar file. There is a RAR File Repair Software available over the internet.
    If you had any of these problems like CRC error, RAR File Corruption, Bad sectors, Interruptions mentioned its better to go for a RAR File Repair Software.

    1. Open the WinRAR application. Click on File and then Open Archive and browse to the damaged RAR file.
    2. Press Alt + R. The WinRAR repair dialog screen appears.
    3. Find the folder to put the repaired archive
    4. Check the box - "treat the corrupt archive as RAR"
    5. Press OK.

    This also worked sometimes for RAR file types. There are also other ways to resolve this if the above did not solve the problem.

    All the best

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    Hello habib shuvo,

    You can be 95% sure that there is no fault in your operating system. So, the problem cannot be solved by reinstalling the operating system. This problem can occur due to the following reasons.

    1) Sometimes, games are divided into multiple RAR files i.e. the game works only if all the related RAR files are present.
    2) Sometimes, the RAR files may be infected with viruses. Then, the message 'RAR file is corrupted' will be shown.
    3) Sometimes, the problem may be due to the improper installation of software i.e. WinRar, WinZip etc,. To check whether there is a problem in the software, try to open the same RAR file with another such software. If the problem doesn't occur, you can be sure that there is a fault in your software.

    Also, try to open the same RAR file in another computer and see whether it works or not. If it doesn't work, you can be sure that there is a fault in the RAR file. And don't forget to scan the RAR file using an antivirus software before/after your problem is solved.

    Hope this answer helps to solve your problem.

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