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    How to transfer files from smartphone to Wndows 10 PC. Via Bluetooth

    Wondering how to use bluetooth to transfer files from smartphone to Windows PC? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Since after upgrading to Windows 10 from windows 8, there are many issues. One of the main ones is blueooth transfer.
    I have a Bluetooth adapter on my desktop and it was working very fine with windows 8. I could transfer files from my Smartphone to my PC and also transfer files from pc to smartphone via bluetooth. But after upgrading it works properly only one way. I am not able to transfer files from smartphone to PC

    Even today when I tried, I was able to send file from my PC to smartphone but not other way.
    In a few earlier occasions when I selected manually 'recieve a file' option in the settings, after some trial and error it worked. In some occasions it also needed to click on 'fsquirt' from search box.But today those options also did not yield results.
    Are any of you facing the issue?
    How did you solve the issue?
    Awaiting response.
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    This could be issue with the bluetooth driver for Windows 10. As Windows 10 is yet to be matured on the platform front. You have to install the official driver that your laptop or desktop manufacturer gave you. This way you can roll back to the official driver instead of using the Windows 10 drivers.

    Most of the issues can be solved by installing such device drivers. By any chance if you fail to install such driver. Then you have to find alternative means for such driver. There are such driver independent tools like DroidAir etc.

    You can also use the Dropbox and Onedrive sync. This way you can easily sync the images from the phone to desktop. And Windows 10 can easily manage such synced files. As there is no need for the bluetooth in such case of the sync files. All you have to do is sync the specific folder with both PC and Smartphone.

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    The main reason for this type of cases is the device Driver problem. Every device in your computer machine has a specific driver.

    So just uninstall the present driver in your system, to uninstall the driver go to start and search for device manager after that you will see a list tap on the network adaptors right click on the Bluetooth device and uninstall the driver and install the new Bluetooth driver of your system configuration after installation Restart the system. Now you can transfer the files from your mobile.

    If you are using a smartphone install a mediafire application on your smartphone and on your system too. upload your files through the mediafire application sync with the server. Then you can use your files at your home or everywhere.

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