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    Why human face wrinkles during old age?

    Wondering why people develop wrinkles in old age? find response to your queries on this Ask Expert page.

    What are the main reasons of appearance of wrinkles on human face during old age? Is there any treatment available for controlling the same? Generally less or no wrinkles are visible on the faces of celebrities even in old age compared to that of a common man. What may be the possible reasons for the same?
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    Your question contains answer you referred old age, ole age means wrinkles on face but beauty pageants will always maintain their looks by coating their faces with cosmetics.

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    Appearance of wrinkles is a sign of sign aging which is a result of wear and tear processes that takes place in the body. Skin aging is inevitable and so is skin wrinkling. Both intrinsic (natural aging, genetic factors) and extrinsic (sun exposure, pollution) factors damage skin structure and composition inducing skin aging. These factors bring about an alteration and reduction in collagen, major structural component of skin responsible for skin firmness and causes fine lines and wrinkles.

    Cosmeticological treatments to prevent and control skin wrinkling include use of novel cosmetic, chemical peeling, laser treatment, skin corrections surgeries, botox treatment etc. Botox treatments for wrinkles are famous as they are more often in news mostly associated with movies stars and celebrities. Skin aging is inevitable for celebrities as well until they go for any of the above mentioned treatments.

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    Appearance of wrinkles on the face indicates the slow metabolism of the body with the progress of age. Body- cells are destroyed at relatively faster state with the advancement of age. Of course, the genetic - factors too come into play in this field. So for the people of the same age will have different lines of wrinkles on their face.
    There are different options to mitigate its effect. In Ayurveda, Goose - berry also known as Amlaki is known as life - supporting Rasayan and its Continious use after the age of fifty would strengthen immunity and does arrest the formation of wrinkles. This Rasayan contains full of anti - oxidants including VitaminC which stretches the cell - life. Guduchi also known as Tenispora - cordifolia works in the similar line. However, you would be required to consult Ayurvedic - practicener in this regard in order to have optimium result.
    Cosmetic surgeon may also be contacted for the surgery so as to eliminate the wrinkles but this would involve huge cost - not affordable to all.

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    Ageing is natural process which affects every organ and tissue on the body. For example wrinkles is the process that shows the symptom of ageing.

    Ageing can speed up due to following reasons - sunlight, excessive makeup, chemical on skin, stress and side effect of medication. Theses are some of the common reasons behind the wrinkles on the skin.

    Wrinkles affect the skin which is soft and thin at first. The harder skin gets aged later. Drinking lot of water often lowers the wrinkle process on face.

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