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    What are the changes made to blog for adSense approval?

    Are your blogs approved by Adsense? Have a query regarding getting Adsense approval? Find responses from experts on this page.

    I got a mail from Google like this. What is the exact meaning to it?
    Difficult site navigation: During our review of your website, we found your site is difficult to navigate. Potential navigation issues include: redirects, pages behind a login or restricted access, broken links, excessive pop-ups, diallers and pages under construction or not yet launched.

    For a newly hosted blog, there is a link at the end of the website called "Home". It is referring to the same page itself. How to remove it?
    Awaiting response.
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    When adsense denies your website based on navigation and usability, then you have to pay attention to theme.

    Does your theme has menu at the top? Does your site has sitemap? If not, then you have to change the theme. You have to use the sitemap in the footer or the top menu. This way your site becomes easy to navigate. Also do pay attention to top menu. The reason being menu allows navigation easily. And not having such menu with all options, makes it harder for access.

    If the blog is newly hosted, you have to add content to it. Namely five pages such as : home, about us, contact us, terms and condition and privacy policy. These pages are required on every website. Even if the website is personal blog. This way google adsense team can process the application much more swiftly.

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