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    How blood sugar can be monitored at home?

    Want to monitor blood sugar at home? Searching for how to do so? find advice from experts on this page.

    What is the method of monitoring blood sugar at home? Do the instruments available in the market give reliable results? Also is it possible to measure HbA1c at home using such instruments? What precautions should be taken in use of such gadgets?
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    Monitoring the blood sugar can also be done at home by using the glucose meter such "Accu-check device" available in most of pharmacy. Usually i check in the early mornings before the breakfast(i.e.., during the fasting). Then after two and half hours after i take the breakfast. Some times if the person has diabetic every 2 or 3 weeks its also better to check at the labs too.

    Usage of device,everything is given along with the device. There will be pin to prick in the finger. Have some cotton ready, after pricking with the pin, wipe off the first drop of blood, then there will be a strip given to take the blood sample.Insert the strip in the machine there will be initial reading,then take the blood sample in the strip wait for few seconds, after it will display the blood sugar level. If this is a Type 1 diabetes.
    Keep the sugar level records in writing with dates,time and also before or after consuming the breakfast. Usually early mornings gives the best results. Alway consult a diabetic doctor for best advices. Doctors give much advice about the exercises also for diabetic patient.
    For HbA1C its always advisable to go the laboratory or near by clinic. Its one of way to check the diabetes is under control.This is different from the Glucose level in the blood.

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    Blood sugar can be monitored at home by using Blood glucose meters.
    An ideal glucose meter should have following features
    • It should be small, portable and easier to use.
    • Gives accurate result in any environment (Not affected by cold, high temperature, high or low humidity, altitude etc).
    • Comes with control strip or solution to check accuracy
    • Takes less time for result prediction
    • Requires a drop of blood for testing
    • Exerts capillary action to withdraw blood
    • Has large electronic memory and ability to save at least last 100 readings.
    • Works on battery
    • Allows easier cleaning of kit
    • Cost effective

    Precautions to be taken while using Blood glucose meters are
    • Fingers should be washed, cleaned and dried prior to testing
    • The meter should not be dirty with dried blood stains
    • Only a small sufficient drop of blood should be added (not in excess or too less)
    • The strips should not have expired
    • The strips should not be exposed to extreme temperatures
    • The meter must be calibrated at regular interval using controls

    Some of the Blood glucose meters in Indian market are
    Johnson & Johnson One Touch Select Simple Glucometer (approx- Rs.1290), Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Easy Glucometer (approx- Rs.1790), Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit (approx- Rs.1580), Dr Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer (approx- Rs.1690)

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