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    Confused about further studies

    Unsure about higher studies? Wondering whether to top for diploma and BTech or 12th and BTech? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I failed in class 12 .Now what should I do? I am very confused? I want to go in technical line. Should I opt for BTech after clearing 12 or after doing polytechnic. If I do polytechnic which line will be best: mechanical, computer science or electrical engineering? If I get degree after diploma, will it have the same value as compared to those who get degree after 12?
    Awaiting advice.
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    The author may consider taking admission in a diploma course in a polytechnic as there are more chances of getting admission in a comparatively better institution compared to an engineering degree college where tougher kind of competitive examinations are required to be passed for admission in a better engineering college. As far branch is concerned , the branch in which the author can successfully complete the course without getting failed should be chosen. As far as job prospects are concerned, the computer science appears to be better, but only for those candidates whose fundamentals are clear and who are in position to grasp the fundamentals of the computer science as evidenced by high scores obtained in the examinations. B.Tech. degree obtained by direct admission after 10+2 and earned through lateral entry after completing diploma course are equal as the final degree is the same
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    First of all, you should make it a point to clear your class 10+2 with an impressive scoring so that it would be easier for you take admission in the diploma- course. The stream with which you want to persue would depend upon the number of candidates and your scoring of marks at 10+2 stage. If you want to continue B.Tech degree, you have to appear for the competitive tests such as IIT or the tests conducted by the states. This would require extensive labour to be put in the preparation of the tests and moreover, you must be sound in the basics of the science - subjects. With your firm determination, you can grab a seat in a prestigious Engineering college. Such decision would widen your prospects definitely and the total time consumption in completion of the course would be four years only. On the othe hand, by passing the diploma and to have a seat in an Engineering college would take six years in completion of the entire course.
    Of course, admission for the Diploma course would be easier for you and the allocation of the stream would depend upon your rankings which is to be made on the basis of your marks obtained in class 10+2.
    Regarding your last query, the values of both the courses would be all the same.

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    Here goes my answers to your queries:
    I failed in class 12 .Now what should I do?
    Prepare and give it again. It will be second attempt but you have to score beyond passing.

    I am very confused? I want to go in technical line.
    Technical line is good and booming but it requires some interest in Sciences and Maths. Are you interested in these subjects? Do you find them easy to study and comfortable? It would be a disaster to opt for some line just because others are doing so. Find your interest and passion. If it is technical, then go ahead and take a technical line.

    Should I opt for BTech after clearing 12 or after doing polytechnic.
    Check admission eligibility criteria for both BTech and polytechnic. Both need passing and beyond %. So in the current state you are not eligible at least for Btech.
    What is your SSC %?
    If you are eligible for polytechnic, then opt for it.

    If I do polytechnic which line will be best: mechanical, computer science or electrical engineering?
    Instead of asking experts here regarding which line will be best, ask yourself: what interests me? Are you interested in coding or programming? Do you have a liking for electrical circuits and wiring or for machines and gadgets? Based on what interests you , choose either of mechanical, computer or electrical program. do not base your decision on heresay. The choice will decide your future. If it is interesting for you, then you will enjoy being in that field for lifetime.

    If I get degree after diploma, will it have the same value as compared to those who get degree after 12?
    You are going to get the same degree, only the entry level is different. So no worries, the value of the degree is same. After you complete your degree, no one is going to ask you whether it was after 12 or after diploma. Your scores will say it all.

    Hope this answers all your queries.

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    Goodday Saif Ali,
    Don't worry you have failed. Study hard to obtain more marks in the subject you have failed. Give more weightage for the subject and study again and again. Write more number of times the questions and answers until you are familiar with the subject. Take the 12th Exam again and obtain more marks.In the mean time spend atleast two hours of your interest in technical line. If you are interested in computers join a computer course and study the basic levels to intermediate. Right time before your enter any degree to know the basic and you will get basic knowledge.
    Even if you feel your marks are low in 12th standard, go for a improved after taking more marks in the subject you have failed. Opt for the subjects which are eligible to join Engineering.Study hard for the Entrance in the mean time, this will give you more knowledge about the subjects in the engineering. Clear the entrance if you are going for a government Engineering college or private college. Your fees can decrease if you take more marks in the Entrance exam.
    Usually after studying 10th standard most of the them opt for polytechnic as it may take three years to complete a diploma.But you have crossed 11 and 12th standard so no need for that. But even though if you feel its hard to understand the Engineering subjects you can go for polytechnic and then engineering.The Polytechnic teaches most of the basic of Engineering and techniques along with practical labs.

    Students after studying 12th go for the Engineering or Bachelor of Technology directly.There is no need to go for polytechnic if you are thorough in understanding engineering subjects.The first year of Engineering does contain physics,chemistry,English, Maths, Workshop, labs. Do take some time to look for the syllabus of the course your are about to join. You have to obtain good marks also. that is also important for your career and to get a job.

    Students after finishing 10th standard thinking 11 and 12th standard will be tough also opt for polytechnic which leads them to Engineering degrees.
    So they may study thoroughly in polytechnic what is Engineering and mostly its easy for the polytechnic students to clear the Engineering subjects.
    Taking polytechnic that will lead to the lateral entry of Bachelor of Engineering. This has more weightage than students obtaining only Bachelor degree.
    As the Basics are learnt and practiced perfectly in polytechnic, Engineering subjects are understood when compared to a student who directly entered Engineering after completing 12th standard. The candidate holds one Diploma and one Engineering degree. But the candidate who studies Engineering
    after 12th standard only does posses Engineering in that field. Apart from that if he is capable of pursuing technical degrees in the evening.

    You got to be strong in Maths for Engineering if you are opting for Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. It has got mostly calculations when compared
    to the Computer Science. In computer Science the programming and technical skills has to be more. Choose which does suit for you. Any way the Engineering
    is a good one. But a combination of polytechnic with Engineering stands best in the industry and much better than the candidates who posses only Engineering degree.
    Later you may go for the higher education in the same field that will add more weightage for career and also leads to better position in designation
    and salary package.

    All the best.

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