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    My Adsense account is showing "Your AdSense account is enabled only to show ads on YouTube." Why?

    Wonders to get a message about his AdSense account. Check the responses of eperts here to know the reasons.

    I am using the same account for blogger and youtube, but whenever I login to my adsense account it shows a message "Your AdSense account is enabled only to show ads on YouTube." Does it means that I can't use this account for blogger. I have separately applied for google adsense through blogs and youtube video.
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    Hello Manoj Kumar Lamba,

    This problem occurs if you create your ad sense account through YouTube i.e. by monetizing your videos. Anyway, it is not a big problem. And you can use your ad sense account for blogger. To enable different sites,
    1) Sign In to Ad Sense.
    2) At the top right corner of the screen, you will see a gear icon (something like the one related to watches, clocks). If you click on it, a drop down menu appears. Select 'Settings' in that drop down menu.
    3) Now, you can see 'My Sites' on the left part of the screen. Go to it and you can enable the sites you want to.
    But, make sure that you didn't apply for two or more ad sense accounts using your two or more different google accounts. If you do that, all of them will be rejected. If you already did that, close all of them and reapply with one of them.

    Hope this answer helps.

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    YouTube's hosted account is limited for the use of the adsense on the channel itself. In order to run the adsense with that publisher ID you have to apply with your site to Google adsense team. You have to first add your website and submit to the google team. They will review the website and approve or deny based on that. If you have yet to send such site application, i suggest you to go through all the criteria of the website and improve the content, theme and other required stuff. This way you can easily get approval.

    You have to also add the website inside the account during the process.

    1. Go to gear icon in the right side of page.
    2. Choose settings.
    3. Add sites.
    4. Input your website and then decide if you wish to view .

    During the review period you wont; be able to add the code to the website. Once your website is reviewed you'd have access to option to put your code.

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    I have no website, but have few blogs on blogger, which are getting some traffic ( around 50- 60 hits per day). I want use google adsense for my blogs also. I have applied by clicking Earning->Adsense-> choosing the option "Show ads on blog. But my blog showing blank ad section. How to solve this issue?

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