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    Mergers of public sector insurance companies

    Wants to know about the consequences of the merger of various Insurance companies. See here to know the vies of our experts.

    What will be the pros and cons if there occurs a merger of the four public sector insurance companies of india namely National Insurance Co. Ltd,Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd,New India Assurance Co. Ltd,United India Insurance Co. Ltd.How will it affect the economy?
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    Taking cue from the talks and decisions so far made regarding merger of public sector banks, we can just make a few guesses.

    As of now the Insurance companies four different geographical prime locations of this country, it seems the merger of all into one entity a distant one. As of now the private insurance players are not so well spread across the country, nor are they in such a capacity to outshine the public sector companies, I do not see any such chance of merger in the immediate future. The public sector insurance companies are doing rather well in the field.

    In case (by any probability) there is going to be a merger, then I have the following points in mind.
    1. The merged monolith entity will be having enough funds that it can make the insurance premia more favourable for insurers.
    2. The overlapping branches have to be closed and staff re-deployed by opening branches in non-presence areas.
    3. There is a chance that by its own sheer weight, lethargy may set in and will lack competitive spirit and thus lose in the long run.
    4. Or more trimming may be done and more modernisation and cost reduction by reducing employment and agency arrangement and moving maximum to online insurance transactions. That can help image and also help insurers.

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    If there is any chance of merging four public sector General Insurance, then there will be lot of benefits.
    1st of all the market capital will be grow.
    There is no chance for educing staff ( normally staff afraid there is chance of reduce staff after merging) as there is still lot of opportunities available in insurance sector in India.
    Due to merge claim settlement can be done easily for insured person.
    Availability of branch and service will be increased which will increase the customer sanctification as well as can increase the business.

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