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    What is the difference between a sports and a game?

    Eager to know the difference between 'sports' and 'games'. Let's see what our experts say.

    What is the difference between a sports and a game? These two terms are often used interchangeably? Are most popular games/sports like cricket, football , hockey, kabaddi etc., games or sports? Also what are the national games/sports of India and Pakistan?
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    'Sports' is an physical activity carried out by agreed sets of rules and regulations for competition or for self enjoyment.
    'Game' is a activity which involves one or more than one individual (depends upon the game) defined by goals and also set off rules.
    Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Hockey, Badminton are classified as Sports. Chess, Snooker, Ludo, Karrom etc are classified as games. Hockey is the National game of both India and Pakistan and games like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi etc are loved by people of both the countries.

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    Difference between sports and game is as follows-
    1. Sports is a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules. Whereas the game is an activity providing entertainment, a pastime such as party games; word games. There is an overlap between sports and games. Generally, sports require physical efforts and skill while games are more organised things with rules.
    2. sports is a bigger concept of searching talents, developing them by guidance and training for various discipline with a defined set of rules. Whereas a game is a competition between two or more teams with a well-defined objective and a set of rules.

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    Sport is "A human activity capable of achieve a output by physical exertion by give rules"

    Game "A period of competition or challenge"
    cricket, football , hockey, kabaddi etc is sports. and Ludo, Karrom etc. is games.
    india & pakistan national game IS "Hockey".

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