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    Are there many types of proteins found in different sources?

    Wonders how to know as to which protein is better than the other in our food sources? Let's see the views of our experts here.

    Many food items like milk products, meat, fish, eggs etc. are said to be good sources of proteins? Are proteins found in all such sources same? Are there many types of proteins found in different sources? How to know as to which protein is better than the other?
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    Each source of protein also contains other vitamins and minerals. So it;s not going to be single protein only source. For example sea food can be good for Vitamin A and protein source too. Some milk products can be good for both fat and the calcium. It just depends on how much intake you need.

    Most common sources for protein are as follows:
    1. Seafood
    2. Milk product
    3. Egg
    4. Beans
    5. Soy
    6. Lean beef

    Varying this diet is much better option than to rely on same food source. This way health can remain good and there is no side effect from too much intake one type of food.

    It's hard to find out if the one source is better than the other. That is one reason you have to keep changing diet to meet your vitamin and protein needs. So it all depends on how you're varying the food content. The reason being excessive food intake of specific type can have side effects too.

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    Protein is an essential nutrient, responsible for multiple functions in your body, including building tissue, cells and muscle. Everyone needs protein in their diet, but if you do endurance sports or weight training you need to increase your protein intake.
    Following are the good sources of protein;
    5]Sea food
    All sources contains different proportions of Protein along with Nutrients. It is difficult to say which protein is good than the other.

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    Proteins are complex structure of amino acids. They are essential building blocks in an organism caring out a vast array of mechanical, structural and biochemical functions in living organism. There are thousands of different protein in plants, animals, human body, micro-organism and other living sources and they differ from each other in shape and function as hundreds of amino acid string sequence fold to form a complex protein structure. Proteins are degradable and have short life span.

    In human, 20 amino acids permutate to form thousands of different proteins that are required for growth and repair of tissues and cell functions. They serve as fuel source or as nutrient to living organisms. Out of the 20 amino acids human cannot synthesize 9 amino acids and these are to be obtained from diet. Grains, legumes, nuts, meat, milk, fish and eggs provide us with protein source. Our essential amino acid requirement can be met by diet containing proteins in required quantity.

    The quality of protein (i.e to know which protein is better) can be determined from its nutritive value, which is further determined by their essential amino acids composition and their digestibility.

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    Protiens are the complex structure of amino acid. Protiens help us in building the cells and muscles. It is an essential component for those who are involved in sports or in body building exercise. Following are the good source of Protiens-
    1) Eggs
    2) Milk
    3) Lentils
    4) Tuna
    5) Dry nuts
    6) Yogurt
    7) Chickens
    It would be difficult to ascertain which one is better since in all the items indicated above contain a number of essential vitamins and nutrients useful for the entire body - mechanism - one example being Milk which contains VitaminD in sufficient amount apart from Protiens. Yogurt contains Abundant quantity of lactic - acid apart from Protiens and as such, the same is also used as a probiotic.

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