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    Options after 3 year diploma

    Searching for courses after 3 year diploma? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    I need a guidance for my sister. She has pursued a 3 year diploma course in IT after 10th and not done 12th.
    Is she eligible for a bachelor degree program or are there better options for her to make meaningful career?
    She is more interested in Arts and Commerce rather than IT.
    Experts: do advice.
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    Here goes my answers to your queries:
    I failed in class 12 .Now what should I do?
    Prepare and give it again. It will be second attempt but you have to score beyond passing.

    I am very confused? I want to go in technical line.
    Technical line is good and booming but it requires some interest in Sciences and Maths. Are you interested in these subjects? Do you find them easy to study and comfortable? It would be a disaster to opt for some line just because others are doing so. Find your interest and passion. If it is technical, then go ahead and take a technical line.

    Should I opt for BTech after clearing 12 or after doing polytechnic.
    Check admission eligibility criteria for both BTech and polytechnic. Both need passing and beyond %. So in the current state you are not eligible at least for Btech.
    What is your SSC %?
    If you are eligible for polytechnic, then opt for it.

    If I do polytechnic which line will be best: mechanical, computer science or electrical engineering?
    Instead of asking experts here regarding which line will be best, ask yourself: what interests me? Are you interested in coding or programming? Do you have a liking for electrical circuits and wiring or for machines and gadgets? Based on what interests you , choose either of mechanical, computer or electrical program. do not base your decision on heresay. The choice will decide your future. If it is interesting for you, then you will enjoy being in that field for lifetime.

    If I get degree after diploma, will it have the same value as compared to those who get degree after 12?
    You are going to get the same degree, only the entry level is different. So no worries, the value of the degree is same. After you complete your degree, no one is going to ask you whether it was after 12 or after diploma. Your scores will say it all.

    Hope this answers all your queries.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

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    Goodday Shajim,
    Its good your sister has choosed and completed the a Diploma in IT. Yes your sister is eligible for any Bachelor degree whether it can be engineering,arts or commerce.
    There are also career courses that runs in private computer centers that will give job opportunities to work in IT Field. Apart from that your sister
    can join Professional Bachelor's degree through lateral entry(that means she can join the direct second year) and pursue the education for 3 years instead of studying
    4 years after the 12th passed candidate.
    If your sister opts for a Arts like BSC (Computer science), BSC(information Technology), BCA(Bachelor of computer Applications),Multimedia and Animation there might be
    a bright future as your sister has already done a Diploma in IT. She will be able to understand the subject very easily and with interest time of working also varies.
    Opting for Arts is also a good option. There are also other degrees like B.Com(Computer Application) that may lead to M.Com(Computer Application) later in the years,
    that is also a good option for the career.Most of MNC also recruit Arts candidate for work.

    All the Best

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    The directorate of technical education allows you to enter engineering course by writing a entrance test. It is known as Lateral Entry Test, commonly LET. Those who passed diploma with no arriers will be eligible for writing entrance exam. You can choose the relevant branch that you previously studied in the polytechnic. Selection procedure is online and you have the facility to admit on management seat on private colleges. But for all admission procedure you must have to write the Lateral entry exam.

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