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    How to pursue Masters in Mathematics after 15 years of formal education?

    Interested in pursuing Maths abroad? Wondering if you can do so after 15 years of formal education? On this page experts shall provide you advice.

    My daughter is confused between Bachelor in Mathematics and Bachelors in Engineering. She would like to take up B.Sc Maths provided she has opportunity to go abroad for Masters in Maths. Is it possible to do Masters in Maths after 15 years of formal education? If so, can you please provide the list of good universities offering this course?
    Experts: do suggest.
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    Normally 16 years of education is required for admission in a masters program in US universities. However there had been instances when the students with 15 years of education have been admitted in masters program. In my opinion it is better to work on the other aspects of the admission criteria like GRE scores, outstanding academic achievements like top position in the degree program etc. The final outcome will depend only after completion of the B.Sc. program. It is however difficult to provide a ready made list of US universities which admit students after 15 years of education. The author will have to personally visit the website of US universities to know, if any such information is made readily available.
    I think it is better to focus on B.Sc. studies and in case it is not possible to get admission on the basis of 15 years education, then continue education in India for one more year to become eligible.

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    In United States, the degrees persued by individuals are of four year duration and considering the total span of time prior to joining the Masters would amount to sixteen years and as such, they would not face any hurdle.
    You may surf the Internet to see the the process how an Indian - student can be admitted in the US universities apart from other process like Visa - clearance.
    However, it is essential to clear the GRE test prior to proceeding to your studies in USA.

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