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    What are the options after pursuing 3 year diploma pursued after 10th?

    My sister has done 3 year diploma in IT after 10th and not done 12th.
    Can she take admission in a Bachelor degree program?What are the other options she has to make a meaningful career.

    Please guide me.
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    All government approved Diplomas are of 3 year duration. The admission to diploma courses is given after 10th. The pass outs are eligible for Direct entry to Second year in BE/BTech program. Hence as per norms she can take admission in Bachelor degree program.

    The Direct Second Year admissions are based on centralised admission process of the state for all government and university affiliated colleges and many private colleges. Otherwise the admissions are done at the college level if private or deemed university.

    Typically 10% of seats in BE/Btech program is allocated for Direct second year admitted candidates. This amounts to 6 admission to a batch of 60. While some other colleges have an entire class / division of 60 for direct second year admissions. The seats are limited, and hence diploma score matters.

    Can she take admission in a Bachelor degree program?
    Yes, she can take admission. Bachelor's is the best option according to me. Since it is a professional course which can land a good job. If she is interested in higher studies she can later opt for MS/ME/Mtech/ MBA. But if she takes admission to Bachelor's program, then she needs to beware of the following:
    Admissions may be delayed. The regular students start studies early. Let her start studies even before the admissions.
    Most students from diploma find Maths, electrical networks and Electronic devices and circuits difficult. Often many students do not clear these subjects. The backlog impacts the subsequent semesters, and also leading to depression, demotivate and stress. Low scores in the third and fourth semester may also lead to impact placement since most companies have an every year cut off of 55 to 60%.

    What are the other options she has to make a meaningful career.
    There are many other career options like take up a simple job, do some international certification and join IT company. But during my 28 years of teaching experience, almost all those students who did diploma in the 1990s and 2000 have later opted for degree and then a job.

    So, in a nutshell: I would strongly suggest that she can definitely opt for bachelor's. The job opportunities are plenty.

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    In case the student has completed a recognised diploma, then lateral entry directly in the second year of a degree course is possible. As far as other options are concerned, there are many which depends on the individual circumstances of the student concerned. In case there is no pressing need for joining a job to acquire earning capability, then pursuing a degree program is the best option. Otherwise a job may be located in local computer coaching institutes etc. and further studies can be continued through distance learning mode etc. It may be noted that admission in the second year of the degree program also is very competitive in nature and generally clearing a competitive examination is required. Efforts should be made in case the candidate is confident enough and is willing to do hard work.
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    3 years diploma is also good enough to join the Bachelors degree and its also one of the base for the Bachelor degree in Engineering.
    If you have pursued a diploma in Information technology for 3 years and have completed the degree, your sister is
    eligible to join a Bachelor of Engineering in any stream (Computer, Information Technology, ECE,EEE, Instrumentation, Production Engineer).

    Your sister can join in the second year for Bachelor of Engineering and can finish the course within 3 years. A normal candidate after pursuing 12th standard joins the Engineering from the first year and have to study for 4 years to obtain a Bachelor degree in Engineering.

    If you sister joins the Arts degree like Bachelor of Science(Computer Science), Bachelor of Science(Information Technology), Bachelor of Computer Application your sister has to pursue for 3 years.Its also one of the good option. But if you see its going to take 3 years for any degree your sister chooses either in Engineering or Arts. When compared to Arts, Engineering has more value in the future in many options and has got more weightage. So my suggestion is to take up as a engineer. The pay is much better for a person who has completed Diploma in Information Technology along with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. If the candidate
    has pursued a Diploma in IT along with B.E in I.T the salary package is more competitive and also the candidate can even negotiate with the HR during the job. Even in the later years if your sister wishes to pursue a higher education in the same Information Technology field the salary and designation might increase drastically.Soon there will be career growth. Its one of the good option to pursue B.E in I.T.

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    After acquiring a three year diploma in IT, your sister can make a headway in the Engineering college in order to take admission in the second year of the four year degree course. However, there exists a quota for the admission and if she fulfils the requisite marks, she can have admission in the second year of the degree course. Normally an aspirant having passed the diploma with distinction marks would not face any impediment in the selection process.
    For your sister, it would be a better option if she acquires a degree of BE/ B.Tech in computer - science from a reputed Engineering college since such a step,would pave the way for the better prospects in the job market.
    The other option would be to continue some sort of certification like GNIIT or any advanced certification in IT field from A PTECH. Apart from it there are certain certifications from DOEC society which is considered as equivalent to degree in engineering.
    However, such acquisition of certification may take an appreciable time because of your indifferent attitude in continuance with such studies and also you may lack the clarity of the concept owing to non availability of suitable guides.
    Prior to your selection in a Software company, the employer would like to see your consistent performance in each semester in addition to your total grip over the subject. So, it would be better on your part to take up the BE course from a distinguished college where you may get a chance of campus - placement.

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