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    What is an OMR sheet and what is the full form of OMR?

    OMR sheets in competitive examinations, Advantages and disadvantages of using OMR sheets, How OMR sheets are evaluated?

    Nowadays in most of the competitive examinations OMR sheets are used. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using OMR sheets in the competitive examinations? How OMR sheets are evaluated and based on that results are declared within a much shorter period?
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    OMR is been abbreviated for "Optical Mark Recognition". Its an Answer sheet with check boxes, fields to fill in. These are
    used for multiple choice tests also just by shading the circle. The valuation is done by feeding the form through reader.This reader will scan for the answers by the shaded circle. The accuracy is nearly 99%. This answer checking is done with the help of software.

    These are used in surveys also for checking the products in some of the companies,where there will be choices to mark. Even though the result is quick sometimes they are also checked by teachers for 100% accuracy.

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    The full form of OMR is 'Optical Mark Recognition'. This OMR sheet is widely used in competitive examinations, where the marked answers of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) by the candidates are evaluated by specially designed software. This method has reduced the chance of inaccuracy in evaluation to almost 0%. On the other hand, simple mistakes or unintentional ink-mark by the candidates may cause non-evaluation/rejection of their respective OMR sheets.
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    The full form of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition.
    OMR sheets are used in competitive examinations and also in school and board exams. OMR sheets are specially designed for answering mcq (Multiple Choise Questions).
    There are many advantages of using OMR sheets
    1. More numbers of papers can be checked in an short period of time.
    2. For evaluating the answers are computer feeded
    so the chances of inaccuracy also decreases.
    3. It reduces load and tension of teachers.

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    OMR is short form for Optical Mark Recognition.
    This type of process is used for evaluation of responses in competitive exams,surveys etc. This is preferred because in shorter period the answers can be evaluated and results can be published early with little error.
    The evaluation of these are done using computer which compares the dot pattern of examinee with correct dot pattern and where it matches it allot the point to it. Then total marks are aggregate of the total njmber of correctly matched dots ( minus the no of incorrect responses if there is negative marking).


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    OMR stands for Optical mark recognition or Optical Mark Reader. This technique is used to analyze data. It is capable of reading marks formed by a pen or pencil in the pre-defined places, of a document or paper.

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