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    Is excess intake of vitamins, harmful for health?

    Requirement of vitamins for the body, Is excess intake of vitamins harmful to the body? Precautions to avoid harmful effects of vitamins

    Individuals are required to take many kinds of nutrients including vitamins. Since the same vitamins are found in many different sources, it is likely that excess dose of vitamins are consumed. Is excess intake of vitamins, harmful to the health? In case, yes then what precautions should be taken to avoid the same?
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    Vitamins are the essential components to be taken in a judicious way and crossing the safe - limit can cause many abnormalities.
    In the excess consumption of Vitamin A in the motherhood state, the child may suffer from different deficiencies. Otherwise for a normal man, it may cause stomach - cramp or diarrhoea.
    Vitamin B are of two types - water soluble and fat soluble. Mostly water soluble vitamins taken in excess are flushed out through kidney and does pose danger to an alarming level but the fat soluble Vitamins may pose life threatening because of its accumulation in the body.
    Excess consumption of Vitamin -C may cause nausea, diarrhoea and stomach - pain.
    Vitamin K can reverse the blood clotting if taken in excess amount.
    Similarly intake of Vitamin - D may be high if it is consumed beyond 40,000 IU continiously for three months and such a high intake would lead to kidney disorder other than manifestation of nausea and general weakness. In fact, excess consumption of vitamin - D cannot happen unless one takes a high dose of code liver - oil.

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    Here are some of the issues with the too much intake of vitamins and calcium.

    1. Calcium: Too much intake often leads to heart stroke and breathing issue. Also some men and women may even face cardiac arrest. It also affects mood and the muscle pain. It can contribute to the sleep patterns too.

    2. Vitamin D: Too much Vitamin D leads to muscle pain, mood disorders and kidney stone.

    3. Vitamin A: Too much of consumption increases body fat. It also affects the skin and may lead to rashes.

    4. Vitamin B: Usually it affects urine and stomach the most.

    5. Vitamin C: Too much consumption affects teeth and skin. It also leads to fatigue and acne. Sometimes it may even cause heart stroke.

    These are some of the common known side effects with vitamins and minerals.

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    Vitamins are required in limited amount by the body for growth and development. And one should not exceed this limit as it is of no advantage to the body. Naturally, vitamins and others nutrients are present in micro amount in food items. So it is very difficult for proteins to be consumed in excess amount through natural food alone. Instead, a regular healthy diet is usually sufficient enough to meet the vitamin requirement.

    But, with nutracuetical, supplement and even the basic foods and drinks being fortified with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; the chances of getting overdose increases. Any nutrient can be potentially harmful if consumed in large quantity. We have many examples of vitamin overdose cited here for our understanding.

    Precautions to be taken
    • Avoid taking unnecessary nutritional supplement instead stick to healthy balanced diet.
    • If taking a supplement, always check the label claim to determine vitamin value
    • Start a nutritional supplement under physicians advice
    • Stick to the doctor recommended dose. And do not exceed it

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