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    What are the tips for diabetic patients to maintain optimum sugar level

    Food and other tips for controlling the sugar level for the diabetic patients, tips for prevention of diabetes

    Kindly suggest some tips for control the sugar level for the diabetic patients and give some
    tips for food habits. For now a days, diabetic to affect the children and also the young peoples
    due to for non hygienic foods.

    kindly give some tips for prevention of the diabetics...
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    First of all the blood sugar level will have to monitored regularly for ascertaining if the measures adopted are actually fruitful or not. Since it is not possible to get the blood sample frequently at laboratory, it is better to have testing system at home.
    Also HbA1c factor should be relied upon, instead of normal blood sugar level testing.
    Now coming back to the main issue, there are three factors which determines the sugar control. They are dietary control, physical exercise and medication. Out of the three, dietary control is most important. No direct sugar should be taken and intake of fibrous diet like vegetables and fruits should be increased. High calorie food like deep fried food / snacks even if the same are not sweet, should be avoided. Daily one hour physical exercise like brisk walking etc. should be done regularly.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The very first need is to be under the care and monitoring of a qualified and experienced doctor.

    The next mantra is 'REGULARITY' and consistency - in everything. Food, medicine, activity , sleep and monitoring of main parameters like blood sugar level, Blood Pressure and other parameter tests a doctor advised.

    When the doctor tries(f needed) various combinations and the patient complies that and at one stage the blood sugar level is almost stable within a range as targeted and consistent without great fluctuations, then it can be said that the sugar s under control. It will be then manageable to continue with those combinations of activity, food, life style, medicines and with periodical monitoring to ensure the control.

    The goal or target may vary from patient to patient depending on the age, overall health parameters, life conditions, age of diabetes etc.

    For those who are non-diabetic, it is advisable to keep an active life style and taking periodical blood tests at prescribed intervals depending on age and risk factors. A doctor will be the right person to advise in detail about those. Usually doctors test for sugar when they have some doubt about that and want to eliminate that factor n relation to some health issue one faces.

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    In order to get the diabetes in control, following a strict healthy diet is very important. Also a person must be very active and spend some time in walking and exercise. Everyone will have cravings for sweet, but one should avoid intake of sweets and go for sugarless tea. I have seen people having tea with sugar and their diabetes not in control.
    Also one should have their food in time and avoid white rice as much as possible. Having food on time will control the diabetes level, also prevent diabetes to some extent in people who don't have diabetes.

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    Here are some of the ways you can maintain the sugar level.

    1. Avoid skipping meals: Your sugar level goes down when you skip meal. If you skip meals it affects your sugar level. And then eating a lot again spikes the sugar level. So the best option here is to avoid skipping meal at first place.

    2. Black plum also known as jamun in hindi, should be consumed during it's respective season. It can help with the diabetes and also keeps sugar in place.

    3. Vinegar. It can be helpful to add it in your diet. If you choose apple cidar vinegar then that can be helpful in your meals too.

    4. Exercise. Walk or jogg. That helps a lot too. This helps maintain the health of body and mind.

    5. Avoid alcohol. This can be good way to balance health.

    There are many other things can be managed depending on the type of diabetes.

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    Diabetic can be controlled by adopting the following tips-
    1) Slight modification in respect of life - style and food has to be made. One has to be active by involving in some physical exercises such as vigorous walking for at least 30 minutes in each time morning and evening, cycling etc. In regard to food - intake, rice, potato, fruits containing high sugar, fried foods and vegetables and raw sugar are to be avoided.
    2) Stress is a negative factor causing elevation of sugar level and hence this aspect is to be taken into consideration. A proper sleep in the night is essential in order to avoid the surge of glucose - level.
    3) Diabetes may be considered as a disease affecting the immunity- level and hence any herb strengthening the same may be used. Goose - berry is an excellent herb in controlling blood - sugar level if taken twice in a day along with a doctor.
    4) The action of Garlic is also very positive in this regard. It arrests the minor elevation of the blood - sugar.
    5) Three to four leaves of Tulasi should be chewed daily In the empty stomach and after an early material of a fortnight, the blood for the sugar may be tested. There will be drop of sugar level.
    6) Cinamom - powder of approx one GM has to be taken daily in the morning in the empty stomach to improve the Insulin - sensitivity for a month. This will also take care of your liquid profile and heart - health.
    7) Neem enhances Insulin receptor activity thereby improving the blood - circulation of blood - vessel and enhances the Insulin activity. Four or five leaves of a tender shoot of the Neem - tree is to be crushed to make juice and the same juice is to consumed daily in the morning in the empty stomach in order to get a positive result within a month.
    8)You may consult some Yoga - expert so that you may adopt Pranayama to take care of sugar level. You would be benifited immensely.
    To keep yourself active, positivity, stress - free life style and elimination of junk - item from the foods are the solutions to this disease.

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    The prevalence of diabetes worldwide has dramatically risen in the last few decades and is on rise. And soon if no actions are taken to address it may take the status of being an epidemic. There are two major types of diabetes-
    Type 1 Diabetes – Often develops in early childhood, young age or at any age. No or small amount of insulin is secreted by pancreases.
    Type 2 Diabetes – In type 2 there is insulin resistance or deficiency. It is most common type and has varies risk factors

    Guidelines for diabetes management and prevention are:

    Early assessment of risk factors: Being overweight with BMI above 25, lack of physical activity, family history, belonging to certain race, increasing age, gestational pregnancy and other health conditions like hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, PCOS etc increases ones risk of developing type 2 diabetes. With early assessment of risk factors it is possible to prevent the development of diabetes through health eating habits, losing weight, maintaining healthy weight, being physically active and undergoing medical counseling. Blood screening tests like fasting plasma glucose (FPG) or oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) give accurate idea of diabetes risks in patients who have impaired fasting glucose. People should start screening at age 45 and repeat testing every 3 years.

    Maintain a balance between food, exercise, and medication: People with diabetes should: eat well-balance meals, take medication on time, get regular exercise and maintain a reasonable weight.

    Diabetes medicine: Diabetic patient should take basic education regarding the dosage and side effects of the medicine. Wide range of drugs, alternative medicines, treatments and therapies are available in market. But medication must be taken strictly under the guidance of physician.

    Nutrition: Patients should eat balanced meal rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. But important to reduce daily total fat and saturated fat intake. Keep a food record and never skip meals. Alcohol intake should be limited; it may cause adverse effects in patients taking insulin.

    Exercise: Besides inducing weight loss, excersing helps to reduce stress, aids sleep, and improves insulin resistance as well.

    Control and maintain blood glucose level: Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be controlled and prevented but not cured. In diabetic condition, maintaining the blood sugar levels in normal or near to the normal level decreases the risk of developing diabetic complications like cardiovascular disease, nerve, kidney, eye, foot damage, skin diseases etc.

    Monitor blood glucose and health: Blood glucose screening should be done regularly on monthly basis to keep a control on blood glucose levels. Self monitoring kits can be used for this purpose. Laboratory test like estimated average glucose indicates the progress of diabetes control over 2- 3 months. It is equally important to monitor overall health by regularly testing for blood pressure, kidney, eye functioning, and cholesterol profiling

    Patient education: Diabetic patient should undergo counseling and get education regarding diabetes, dos and don't in hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic states, taking insulin injections, knowledge about side effects of medication etc.

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