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    What is pre-school education and what is Montessori education?

    Searching for information about pre school and montessori education? Find answers to all your queries on this page.

    What is pre-school education? What is taught in pre-schools and why it is called so? Are there pre-schools in Government sectors also? How pre-schools are different that the day care centers? Is Montessori education same as pre-school education? What is the minimum age for admission in pre-schools?
    Experts: do advice.
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    The age for admission in pre-school can be from 3 years to 5 years. Preschool education are identifying the colour's either with chart, objects.
    making the child getting interested in what kind of activity is the child get more interest. Nowadays mostly the audio -visual with cartoons do interest the child. Make the child dance, hop with the help of rhymes, mostly cared with experienced staff. The staff makes the child along with other children to play in the play area where there will be small balls filled in a room, with down with the foam sheet on the floor. If the child hops it does not get hurt or injury.Learning through the playing objects. Observing and recording the child behaviour, by maintaining a record for each child. Making them sleep
    if the child feels sleepy,also there will be staff to supervise when the child wants to go the toilet. The child will share and learn among other children.
    Most of the preschools may accept to admit the child at the age of two and half years old, if the child is very intelligent nowadays.
    Being as a toddler from the age of 1 to the 3 years, the child mostly learns from the mother, father and also with siblings if they have.
    After that this becomes the first school the child learns in the pre-school before enter the school in a full fledged manner.
    Day care's does cares for the child from the age of 2 years to 8 years old. These are the kids who parents does go for working in office from morning to evening, and the parents does not have time to look after the child during their office hours, as they have to care for the income for their family.
    There are chances for the child to get socialise with other kids of different age groups.The child will also get involved in activities like reading, drawing, and also they have a chance to play with other kids. Colouring becomes one of the favorite for the kids to scratch over the papers with the colours they like. After that hands are washed properly. There will be beds provided for the child to take naps also. Staff will be there for supervising when the kids are using the toilet.
    Montessori is named after a italian physician and educator "Maria Montessori" based on the study and research of special needs of children.
    The age group of the child is from two and half or 3 years to 6 years old. Here children learn how to work with materials instead of the instruction given directly. Montessori and mates developed materials that are understood by children at that age.This is kind of development for child based on
    that model. Here child has interactions with other child's along with the environment. Child has the freedom to do anything they want in this kind of environment available with the materials in the environment.

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