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    What is tertiary education in Indian education system?

    Interested in knowing about tertiary education system of India? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    After primary, secondary and higher secondary education, tertiary education comes. Is it same as higher education? What are differences and similarities in tertiary education and higher education in Indian education system? Which authority controls/regulates tertiary education in India?
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    Many of us has undergone or known about tertiary level of education though we may not have used the specific term.
    The education system in our country starts from the primary level and consists of four classes or standards (one to four) and mostly carried out in schools. This level of primary education is compulsory. Earlier this was called as elementary education. The aim at this level is knowledge of alphabets and numbers and adding more vocabulary.
    The next or second level is the secondary level. Though the secondary level is actually from class 8 to 10, the buffer between primary and secondary of classes 5 to 7 is called upper primary. So the primary level is actually upto class 7 of present day. The examination at the end of 10 th class is called as Secondary School (Leaving) Certificate examination. In earlier days when the secondary education ended after 11 years of schooling, the next level started in colleges and universities. However when the standardisation of 10+2 became necessary for university education, now the total of 10 + 2 years of education is completed in schools only. The +2 part is now called as Higher Secondary. It is now a preparatory stage for tertiary education.
    It is after the Higher Secondary level that the Tertiary (or third) level of education system starts in India. So the various studies after Plus Two or Higher secondary can be termed as Tertiary level education in Indian education system. Tertiary education comes under University, University Grants commission and various Technical boards.

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