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    How to find expert tutors for clearing doubt in 10th CBSE Math?

    Want to score well in 10th CBSE Maths? Searching for expert tutors? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I need a help for my friend. She is in 10th grade CBSE and can't follow her school classes in Math. She needs a tutor for back support. Can you suggest a relevant method to find expert tutors with affordable rates for doubt clearing to get good marks in 10th board?
    Experts: do resolve the query.
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    One of the best method to understand concept of maths and clear all the basics is
    - to study textbook with serious concentration and also the story behind the formulas and concepts which makes maths more interesting for students.
    - secondly if a student still face problems and seeks for a back support from a tutor he/she can download online video lectures on various chapters which explains all the concepts with correct and interesting explanation and best examples.
    Also a student can ask their queries by posting comments about these video these videos are easily available on YouTube and various sites for educations.

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    Primarily the name of the city where the student is located, is required for offering specific advice. In absence of the same, the best method may be to consult the school maths teacher regarding her opinion and advice. The other method may be to search on the internet and before committing anything with either of them more information should be collected about their performance so far. Spreading a word within the social circle may also help in finding out a suitable tutor.
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    Best way is the girl should practice maths everyday. She should't feel its difficult or she cannot understand and leave it without practising. If she practise what ever is taught is school everyday, she will slowly gain interest in the subject and also she will start understanding. While practising maths, some students might understand the concept clearly. If she doesn't practise and next day in class if teacher moves on for further concept then she will not be able to understand and this continues. So practising everyday what ever is taught in school is important.
    Secondly, if the girl has any doubts in class she has to clear it then and there itself. She should not hesitate and sit quietly without asking doubt. If she feels shy to ask in front of others, she has to ask the teacher personally and teacher would definitely help.
    Also as told above, if she has any doubts she can check online videos and that will definitely help. Maths is a very interesting subject if practised and understood properly.

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    Specific advice is very difficult in this case because necessary details are not available. The author can get the names and addresses of eminent teachers who give private tuition from the school where the student studies. The fellow students and senior students are the most reliable source of information in such cases.Various websites also provide relevant information (details of various subject-teachers) nowadays.
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    The best way to find an expert tutor would be asking the fellow classmate or a friend from nearby locality, society about if they are going for any home tuition or any tutor visiting them. One should take complete information about the tutors, his teaching patterns from the friend and then personally meet the tutor, talk to them about the student's problem, his/her weak areas to be worked on. Also one can meet the school or mathematics teacher, discuss student's problem and request her to take extra class after school or to suggest a good tutor from her contact. Other option would be going to the coaching class, now-a-days many good coaching classes have opened up everywhere. One can review a specific coaching class from internet, visit them and take complete information from them and if a student doesn't want to study in group one can ask the coaching academy to provide an expert tutor. Beside internet search is also best way to find a good tutor in nearby locality. One can also download a good mathematics application on mobile or go for online downloadable programs for self study.

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    Asking a senior student who you know well, should have came across such a situtation. They might have came across such difficulties and 10th standard CBSE being the most important in scoring, also ask the senior friend how much marks has he or secured in final exam.Ask who has obtained the individual tutor comes and teaches at home. Maths need practice apart from understanding and repetition work.
    one of Best idea to find the coaching classes where the classmates go for the coaching. Else to find the Number 1 student who has secured a 100% in the Slip-test, Block Assessments,exam talk to them.Most of the students who secure 100% will be also interested in teaching their friends and classmates.
    Approaching them is one of the good way. Group study along with your classmates is also good to clear doubts in Maths. Even if your doubts are not cleared the best idea to approach the coaching class where more students go instead of individual tutor until you know the tutor is a expert in CBSE.

    Finding a interactive tutor via live tutoring is also good from a reputed online tutorial center.For this a high speed internet with mic, speaker is a good way to interact with the tutor. Some of the tutorials do charge on hourly basis. The best is also India study channel you can also leave some of your questions here to be answered.

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    The best way would be to seek a tutor who is strong in fundamentals and at the same time, he/ she can spare a little bit time to make her understand the basics of the subjects. In fact, the subject Mathematics is so interesting that there are numerous ways to solve the same problem in both shorter and longer one provided the fundamentals are strong. The tution where students in group attend the classes may not be helpful to her, because she may not be open to her teacher and secondly the teacher may not be able to trace out her weak points in regard to deficiency of the subject. She would need a personalised coaching with some one having the full patience and skill to solve the problems.
    First of all, all the relevant formulaes should be noted down in a separate note- book and the significance of each notation is to be understood and should be able to identify the situation where the same formulae would be applicable. Regular practice would be very much helpful in this regard.
    On line teaching concept is also one of the best ways to clarify her doubts. Moreover, she should show sufficient interest in learning the subject.

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    For my suggestion, you go to YouTube. Yes, YouTube- In YouTube , you will find video of different teacher which are very good and also tough the chapter in a easy. I provided some link of YouTube Channel where you will watch the lectures in free of cost.
    YouTube Channel:
    • ExamFear Education :
    • Mlearning :
    • Avanti Gurukul:
    • Student Study:
    Follow some steps to gain more marks in the board exam
    • First watch lectures on the YouTube.
    • Make the notes of the important points.
    •Then solve the problem from the NCERT BOOK and R.S aggrawal book.

    Thank You

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