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    Are special facilities provided by the Government for promoting girl's education in India?

    Interested in knowing about government facility for girl education? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    Are special facilities provided by the Government for promoting girl's education in India? What are the scholarships specifically meant for girls? Is there any reservation for girls for admission in higher education? Also is there any fee concession available to girls only for pursuing education?
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    Here are some of the programs being run for women for the education.

    1. Mahila Samakhya Programme: This scheme for the economically challenged groups . Here the education and social welfare is supported.

    2. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme: This scheme assures the primary education for the girl child below poverty level.

    3. National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level: This scheme is for those girls who are not yet benefiting from any scheme and are covered under this scheme. Education for primary and higher education is offered here.

    Apart from this there are other government schemes being run on the college and university basis. The fee concession applies to the government and the university funded by the government.

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    The Central Government and all State Governments have initiated various schemes for promoting education for girl children. As for example, Central Government has 'single girl child' scheme where parents having only a girl child can have free education for their children. Similarly, Government of est Bengal has 'KanyaShri' scheme for the education of girl children. In the scheme, the girl children get free books and bicycle for continuing education.
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