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    What is vocational education and how does it differ from regular education?

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    What is vocational education and how it differs from regular education? What is the minimum age and other eligibility criteria for taking admission in a vocational course? Also what are the career options available after completing vocational education?
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    Vocational education is education imparting training in a trade or profession. It is designed in a way that after completion of the prescribed period and passing the grade, it will help the student have some skill to take up that trade or occupation .
    The basic difference between normal (academic) education and vocational education is that of 'knowing' and practically 'doing'.
    When I was studying in high school classes of 8,9 and 10, my friends who joined vocational school ( called Junior Technical School then)were actually learning and doing carpentry works or welding works or electrical repairs in their school as per their selection and optional subject taken.
    Vocational education now come under the Directorate of Technical Education in each state.
    Students who come out of Vocational education institutions have more practical knowledge and easy employability in comparison to those finishing same level academic courses. There have been many changes and updations i the field of vocational education also. It also varies somewhat between states.
    In Kerala there are Technical High Schools, where admission from 8th standard is given based on entrance test. They give technical subjects like Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical engineering, engineering drawing etc. The 10 th class exams is THSLC like the academic SSLC. Then there are VHSE ,for 11th and 12 class vocational education. ITis and Polytechnics also are vocational education centres.
    Those who are not interested in the normal academic learning like economics, literature and basic sciences but want to acquire some skill or trade can join the vocational educational stream. It will be muchhelpful.

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