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    Any books for learning how gadgets work?

    Wants to know about the books that help to know how a gadget works. Go through the responses by our experts here.

    Nowadays there are many gadgets in the market and are used by the common man too. But they do not know how these gadgets work or how to make the best use of the gadget and use all the available features.
    Can you provide list of books or resources or links which can explain in simple language how everyday life gadgets work?
    Awaiting response.
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    Most of the gadgets work under the electronic circuit abstracts. Any modern gadgets like smartphone will have millions of electronic component embedded in it. For studying the principles of how those stuff work there are several option available. For casual learning you can use Youtube channel of howstuffworks.

    For having a thorough idea on the working of gadgets get a degree in Electrical , Electronics, or computer science engineering.

    If you want to self learn things and to is planning to make one of those read the book "Foundations of analog and digital electronics by Anant agarwal "

    If you need some assistanship in your learning go to and register for course number 6.002x on "Circuits and Electronics" . The course can be monitored absolutely free if you have a decent internet access.

    Don't let your curiosity down, burn it with more knowledge.

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    Gadgets and it's use gets updated very quickly. So using the books to learn them may not be a good strategy. And you should consider videos instead. Youtube can tell you a lot about every gadget out there. You can find out how any specific gadget works and how to use it in some of the "how to" videos.

    Another option is to go to the stores that are selling them. There are technicians there who can show you how some of the specific gadgets work. My observation is that you'd find demonstration for most of the gadgets in the mall.

    If you don't find youtube and mall stores useful for learning about gadget, then books with titles "dummies" can be useful. There is a lot of data in them.

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    The manufacturers give the 'User manual' for a gadget when we purchase it new. Sometimes the user manuals are available to be downloaded from the web site of the manufacturer.

    User manuals help us in using the gadget for our daily or needed operations by that gadget. They also contain some tips on safety and even trouble shooting tips if something goes wrong. It will also have some technical specifications. For a general user these suffice. In case of need user can call the authorised service personnel of the manufacturer or a technician locally available for that.

    If one needs to know the full working principles, the design and full technical details, purpose, functions and limitations of components, then one has to undergo formal education on the concerned branches of science and engineering. Even that may not be sufficient because each gadget and even each new model may need on the job training.

    However for a person who has learned some basic principles in school and college in science, electronics and electricity, some more practical knowledge can be easily gained by referring to self tutorials and articles available in internet now a days.

    There are local tutorial institutions giving short term package classes in servicing in mobile phones, computers and other gadgets.
    A search like 'How gadgets work" or " How....(name of the gadget woks" can yield you results which can lead you to useful links and resources.
    However after using and observing service technicians doing the repair and maintenance work on our gadgets, we can learn a lot.

    There are easy DIY- Do It Yourself tutorials available in internet. They are available in text and audio-visual clips also.

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