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    What to prepare for the first day in college?

    feeling tesned about the first day of the college? No worry, here are few tips from our expert to follow.

    Preparing for the first day of college is always a difficult task. It is a new place, new culture, new environment and we are going to meet new people. The earlier few days are clouded with concerns, worries and rounds of doubts.
    can experts provide guidance on:
    What to prepare for the first day in college?
    Awaiting advice from experts.
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    That is a very interesting question. Because every fresher having that question what happening with them in first day in college. It depend upon your colleges like if you are in Engineering or medical college then it is more difficult or if you are in another normal college and difficulties somehow less. I think that student should make a good friend. Then sustaining the problems become easier. Another important suggestion is that student should go in proper uniform with a proper attitude.
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    Some of the tips for the first day at college are as follows -
    1. Never be late in reaching college on first day. Rather it is better to reach earlier. The route etc. of reaching college should be studies well in advance and journey should be started after taking into account all possible causes of delay including traffic jam etc.
    2. Be attentive to all announcements and attend orientation classes, if any. Be alert about the possibility of ragging also and don't resist normal ragging of routine kind.
    3. Have right attitude and an open mind. Don't try to be over smart and flashy.
    4. Control your urge to practice on newly learnt apps and working on social sites, chatting and playing games excessively on the first day in the campus. Never try to impress others by demonstrating your digital skills.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A very interesting question! No definite answer can be given, but only individual opinion can be expressed. My opinion in this regard is indicated below:-

    (a) Don't wear dazzling clothes. Wear normal dress.
    (b) Reach college on time.
    (c) find the classroom and check the routine.
    (d) Don't try to be over-smart. Be natural and answer questions distinctly with confidence. Never try to project yourself on the first day.
    (e) Try to understand the rules and regulations of the college.
    (f) Most importantly, listen more, talk less.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This first day of the college will be very interesting. Either Engineering , Arts or Medical college there will be a seniors to welcome the juniors (freshers) who are about the join the first year.If you already browsed about the college in the website and probably aware of the routes with the help of maps and Google maps its good to guide the other friends of yours if they feel they do not know their way. There will be a inauguration meeting for the first year students, most of the administrative staff along with the principal will be present there to give a welcome speech and will give all their help and support for the students in order to keep their campus and environment friendly for the future students. There will also be instructions provided by principal about the campus and hostel facilities.Guidance will be given for students if they are troubled inside the campus, whom to approach for emergency and help.
    Mostly the speech will be concern about the Time Management, what time the transportation will be from the campus in the evening and to the campus in the Morning, what time the student should arrive, study time class hours, college working hours, time to be in breaks and especially not to be late anywhere inside the campus. This will bring the student to know how to manage the time, also they will expect the Discipline for the student to keep up inside the campus. There will be also speech about the extra curricular activities about the sports, Fitness clubs present inside the campus and how to shape yourself apart from studies. Staying healthy inside the campus is also one of the concern. Safety about crossing the roads, travelling by private buses if the college is present in the highways away from the city, reaching home safely, maintaining your stress during the studies.
    Being as a fresher must be happy to enter the college as your are forwarding towards your goal and career path in life. Stay among with your friends until you reach your second year. Avoid roaming alone inside the college until unless you have senior friends. Get introduction to new friends, or the friends from your school have proceeded to college are also a good option to stay among the group for happy study.
    There might be speech on the resources that can help you inside the campus. Best utilize the resources to keep yourself sharp in studies, health, knowledge and get updates.
    Until you go good with your first cycle test in the college its good to concentrate on studies, instead of concentrating on the extra curricular activities.

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    For the first day of college
    1) Take a tour of your class rooms
    2) Co-ordinate your schedules
    3) Bring a notebook
    4) Make a good impression because "First Impression is the last Impression".
    5) Sit in front
    6) Make new friends
    7) Wear simple clothes
    8) Reach college on time
    9) Should know all the rules and regulations

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    There are certain atticacies which must be followed such as to be courteous, on asking any question by the teaching staff or any colleagues, the answer should be short and precise with a friendly smile. They should be a good listener and pay attention to what others are saying. Alertness is an essential asset for any sensible man- this should be kept in mind.
    If the college is any having dress - code, the same is to be followed.

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