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    How much quantity of fruits should be taken daily as a part of diet?

    Interested in including fruits in the diet? Unsure of the quantity and benefits? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    It is well known that fruits should be taken daily as a part of diet for health benefits. However, it is generally not well understood as to how much quantity of fruits should be eaten daily. How much quantity of fruits and what kind of fruits should be taken daily as a part of diet?
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    In order for you to decide how many fruits, you have to understand the important question, what type of fruits are good for you. For example, you should consider having the fruits which doesn't affect your health in any way. For example some fruits have too much sugar and some fruits may not be too bitter. So it all depends on your diet. You should definitely consider having fruits that are good for your health.

    One fruit a day can be good and could moderate for the body as well. Here are some fruits that can be eaten on everyday basis.


    These can be used in your diet and most of the health issues may not occur.

    Apple is one fruit that seems to be good for all seasons. And it doesn't have much of the health concerns and is good for diabetic people too.

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    Excess of anything is bad for you – which means eating too many fruits is not advised. Health and fitness experts advise against making a diet of fruits alone or eating more than 2-3 servings of fruits a day. Here, it is important to understand what a serving of fruit means. One serving of fruit translates to approximately ½ cup of diced fruit or the amount contained in one medium size apple/pear.

    Remember, fruits are generally good for consumption, since they are rich sources of fibre (both soluble and insoluble), antioxidants, water, minerals and vitamins. They are filling and make a healthy snack. Fresh fruits are any day better than canned variants.

    It is important to limit the intake of fruits to 2-3 servings a day because every fruit contains 'fructose', which is primarily a type of sugar. We all know the detrimental effect sugar can have on our health. Fructose gets processed in the liver and not in the blood stream. What happens is that the liver metabolizes the excess sugar (present in fruits in the form of fructose) into triglycerides, which in turn stockpile in the fat cells in your body. Triglycerides are bad for you. Too much of such sugar from fructose can lead to visceral belly fat – this is fat that gets accumulates deep within your belly area. It surrounds internal organs and is quite difficult to burn.

    The type of fruits you eat must also depend on your overall health. If you are diabetic then eating fruits that can help with the condition should be eaten. Guava and jamun (jambul) should be consumed. If you overweight, and are watching your calories then avoiding fruits that have a high caloric content is a wise choice. Some fruits to avoid are dates, bananas and mangoes. Eating fruits such as oranges and melons that have high water content can aid weight loss.

    The bottom line is eat your fruits wisely and you will be fine.

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    Dietician recommend that we should consume fruits at least five time in a day, however care is to be taken to consume the fruits in the day time since during such period, the metabolism rate of the body remains high to absorb the useful nutrients of the fruits.
    For an adult the consumption level of the fruits should be around 400 GM but for the children it may be roughly within the range of 100- 150 GM depending upon their activities. Fruits should be taken in the raw state in order to be benifited from its nutrients. Juices of fruits laden with huge sugar would cause accumulation of the fats as triglyceride.
    We should make an effort to change the fruits daily in order to get the nutrients of several fruits.
    The ideal fruits to be included are Apples, Black - berries, Cherries, Papaya, Avacado, Oranges etc. Dry - nuts in a little quantity may also be included such as Raisins, Almond, Cashews, Goose - berry etc.

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    Eating fruits is good for health and keeps you fit, young, and also the ageing does not appear soon. A man with a healthy diet, physical exercises lives longer in the age. Most of people in the western countries do have much awareness about their diet and what do they consume for diet to keep them fresh,energetic,active for work. In that manner some of the people choose fruits. There are different types of diets based on the fruits.
    People have diabetic does have different diet system along with fruits, vegetables when compared to the non diabetic people where these people do have a different diet system.

    The fruits that are lowest in sugar and highest in antioxidants along with other nutrients are Berries. Fruits such as Apple,Citrus Fruit,Pears are quite medium in the level of sugar.

    Highest sugar content fruits are Cherries, Grapes, pomegranates,Bananas,Figs, Mango. Dried Fruits -Dates,Raisins,Apricots.

    High Sugar Content Fruits are kiwifruits, plums, orange fruit, pineapples,pear fruit.

    Medium sugar content Fruits are Papaya, watermelon, Strawberries,peaches, Blueberries, cantaloupes, Honeydew melons, Apples, Guava fruit, Grapes,apricot fruit.

    Low sugar content Fruits are Lemon, Raspberries,Blackberries, Crane berries.

    According to the body weight the calculation of servings has to done. Else more serving would comes into the diet and becomes an unbalanced fruit diet. Fruits along with cereals is also a good diet. That does keeps the stomach in filling and give energy and strength.

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