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    Can I enroll into two UG courses together from ignou

    Pursue courses from IGNOU,Two UG courses simultaneously is legal or not?

    I want to pursue two courses from IGNOUis that valid ? I want to do B.Com and BTS(Bachelor in Tourism Studies. Is it valid ?
    I am in a big confusion. Can I do both the courses at the same time ?
    Would it be legal ?
    Awaiting response.
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    As per a notification issued by the Distance Education Council Indira Gandhi National Open University in the year 2012 regarding policy on pursuing two or more programs simultaneously, two degree programs cannot be pursued simultaneously.
    However, a student can pursue two programs simultaneously through distance mode or in a combination of distance and regular study modes either from the same university or a combination of different universities / institutions as follows -
    1. One degree and one diploma/ PG diploma/ certificate course.
    2. One PG diploma and one diploma/ certificate course.
    3. One Diploma and one certificate course.
    4. Two PG diploma courses.
    5. Two diploma courses.
    6. Two certificate courses.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    IGNOU allows only one degree course per year to be taken. However you can take two diploma from IGNOU. Also you can take one degree and one diploma course in the same year. You can also take one degree and one certificate at the same time. So you it's upto you what combination to do while pursueing the degree or distance learning course from IGNOU.

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    Its possible to pursue two courses one from a regular(going to the college on a regular basis) and another from the distance mode education. Its the candidate wish to take up two courses simultaneously instead of taking one course in this competitive world. Some of us think why to waste our time for one course, instead we can try to earn two degrees at the same time. There are special courses for those type of students who wants to pursue two degrees.Like the integrated courses. These comes one with Bachelor degree and one with the Masters degree program.
    Any university offering education in distance mode can allow student to enroll one for Masters degree program along with a single diploma course. The exam will get clashed when a candidate enrols for two Masters degree program or Bachelors degree program. Thats why most of the university does say to add one Masters degree or Bachelors degree program along with a diploma degrees. Else its possible to check the dates of the exam and the candidate has to enrol for two different Masters degree program from two different universities. That is also legal. Nowadays those are said to be sandwitch course, or dual degrees,integrated degree programs.
    Its possible to enrol for One Masters degree program with one PG diploma Degree.Certificate courses which are 6 months or less than six months candidates can enrol more than 2 courses.

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    It is possible to take up two degrees of Postgraduates from the different universities - one regular Post graduate programme and other one from IGNOU. The reason for not persuing these courses simulteneously is the clashing of the dates of these two examinations. If one can anticipate that there is no chances of coincidence of the dates, such courses can be taken up.
    The other reason for not taking up two Post graduate courses simultaneously is the excess strain which may result in low scoring in the papers. So to have better concentration in the studies, it would be better to stick to a single course.

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    Yes, it is possible to join in two different distance courses. You can also join in one regular course and another distance mode course.
    But it is much difficult to take stress and clear the papers in excelent numbers/grades. So, you should concentrate about a single course which is more better for your future.

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