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    How to overcome failure in studies?

    Overcome failure in studies, How to cope with studies and do well in it?

    Professional courses are often different and difficult to cope up.
    If one finds studies beyond capacity and cannot do well in studies, then is stepping out the best solution?
    Or is there any other way to overcome failure in studies?
    Are thee any success stories after multiple failures and doing well in the later years of life?
    Awaiting response.
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    I can give myself as an example for your question. I was not a best performer in my school and college days. I always had problems with my teachers. I always scored low marks in most of the subjects. In my school days, I went for a tuition for my maths basics. That helped me learn all the basic concepts in maths with fun. As part of the fun sessions in the tuition I also happened to learn English grammar as well. That particular part of my life, I will call it as a real learning which is helping me out even today. Other than that who cares about 4 X 4 matrix or integral calculus or differential calculus. I had to struggle to complete my M1 paper in engineering after 8 attempts. That doesnt matter at all. All that mattered was that I had to complete my course. I completed it and go a job. I showed my excellence in the Job and now in a good position in my company. All that you need is self motivation. Do everything for yourself and not for others. Life will be so nice.

    Professional courses are definitely messed up. Indians spend most of their child hood reading things that is not at all going to help them out by any means throughout their life. Forget about it. The main thing that you need to worry about is your learning capability. As these questions to yourself. Are you a person who is willing to take up any challenge? Are you a person who is willing to learn things that you like the most?

    Pickup something that you like the most. Focus more on that and learn what you like the most. Believe in yourself and don't miss any opportunity that comes in front of you. Who knows a small thing can become your destiny and take you to a higher position.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    Professional courses are different, but it will not be difficult to cope up until the candidate really wants to achieve a professional degree. For example Professional degrees like Engineering in any stream does have Maths as a compulsory paper and the medium of instruction will be in English. Some of the students who have studied schooling in their mother tongue or in a second language, must have difficulties in coping up with the professional degrees that will have their medium of instruction as English and Math being only one paper it will be easy for them in school, but it might be difficult for those student at college level or at the university level. There are few options to try before stepping out the professional course. Most of the parents intend their children to earn more in the future not understanding their child's mentality, so they are forced or the children themselves do have an ambition to choose for a professional course to achieve their dreams in the future. The professional courses does have difficulty in understanding the subject as there are certain reasons like the trainer, lecturer,professor or the teacher does not have sufficient knowledge to teach them, make them understand in the right path or it might be the students understanding capacity. Nowadays there are more options to understand things easily and put up solutions even for a difficult problem using the web.
    Failures are caused only due to lack of knowledge of the subject,language,failure to make efforts.Stay optimist and try harder than before, make efforts, give more time to study and understand.
    Even though if there are prescribed text books to read, read those atleast few times until you understand the concept, else approach the classmates, friends who are doing them in a better way than yours who might be willing to help you in understanding the concept. Some of the students definitely have interest to teach others what they know, so that they can also revise the subject and also understand better than before. Find those quickly and sit with them and spend time for your education.
    'Efforts', are more important for any kind of student either below average,average, above average inorder to understand the concept and the subject and obtain a good scores. Efforts such as Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, understanding, repeating the work, imagination,visualizing the concept in different ways are the basic things to above average in studies. Taking notes during the class does help in easy understanding of what topic is been covered in the day.Study the notes and see whether you can understand, if not approach the teacher or professor or lecturer to make you understand in a better way.
    Ask your friends who are good in studies, make friends with the group who talks academic and thinks about academic studies chat with them for good ideas.Some of the students have good updates than the trainer or teacher. Sharing knowledge is also a good way of reducing your burden. This makes you think better about your goal in studies. Language such as English needs repeated reading, remembering the words with the help of writing and understanding the sentences.
    Even dictionary can help you understand the difficult in English. Maths needs repeated practice, continuous revision of previous works from the class,solving the problems need thinking capacity along with applying techniques with the help of formulas,substituting the variables. Its comes with practice. So there are ways to overcome failures, with lots of interest stay healthy by mind and body does solve half of the thinking not to quit. Remaining based on the efforts you make to achieve your future goals.
    Life is different from academic studies. There are only some success without failures. Success come with guidance, understanding the problem and the right solution even may need repeated solutions. Life is always different in may aspects.
    Always staying positive is a good way to achieve success in most of the situations.

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    If you cant do studies then it is best to do the graduation with the type you're comfortable with. And this way you can get into more fresh mindset with life.

    Failure happens due to many reasons in exams. You have to find out why you had issue in exams and your existing career. You have to address that before you move on to other degree or issue.

    And when it comes to failure you have to understand one important thing. You can not suddenly get the success you want. You have to take steps slowly. You have to do first hing that works and do it. And you have to build foundation on it and grow slowly. This has worked for most of the people. And many people have managed to overcome the mindset that leads to the failure.

    This process takes time, so give yourself that time and keep moving ahead.

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    It is said "College is a place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed".

    After the controlled, monitored, supportive and spoon-fed 12 years of life in schools, when the students step into the vast expanse of freedom and need of self control and self study, many could not adjust. So some easily wither away falling to other temptations. But those who have strong self will, a well cemented character base may improve and shine like well cut diamonds.

    As one who had undergone education when the descriptive type exam was the norm, and when the double edged gadgets like mobile phone and computers were not there, I can say that present day students have more faculties in everting. Those who failed do so only because they choose the easy alternative of 'enjoying' and disregard their first priority of studies.

    A lot of marks or score is given from internal marks. Even for the external exams a pass threshold is very less. There are learning materials available in internet also. Students should use their college library also well for their studies and knowledge enhancing.

    A student will come to know where he stands almost by the end of first semester or second semester. If he feels doubt his ability to cope up he should confide with well wishing teachers and hi own well wishing elders. Then by cordial discussion a suitable solution can be found.
    It is not so monstrous as to leave and go. Special tuition classes or coaching, change of stay, change of room/room mates or change of institution are all alternatives which can be tried in those consultation and discussion.

    Personally, I always felt that studying is the most easy task of all tasks I had come face to face.

    For those students who will be in 10 th,11th or 12th may be reading this my suggestion and request is prevention is better than cure. Decide what you want and where you want with proper conviction and justification. Discuss with your well wishing teachers and parents another knowledgeable elders. Do not try to jump without gauging depth and then scramble for life.
    Actually things are not so difficult. Be systematic in studies and in all things generally. Start cultivating the habit. Give first priority to studies and next only to other things. In case you have other talents and abilities, then channelize in that, but excel there.

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    There are many examples where we can observe failures in academics but they are doing great in their career.
    We are all not same and have one or another qualities to polish.
    Do to get disappointed with failures and try to judge your interest and choice. Once you will get an option which is the best for yourself, start putting efforts in that direction only.

    If even have examples where candidate has done excellent in academics but could not make stand in his/ her career.
    So, there is nothing impossible.
    Lastly, please do not have fear of failures. They are to improve you. So, consider them as a milestone of your path towards success. Try to overcome the mistakes you have done in past. This way you will be improving gradually.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Professional courses are different in the sense that each branch deals with different topics related to a particular stream and in that way, I agree with you. But your apprehension that a selected stream is difficult to cope with does not sound realistic.
    You can handle the course provided you do have the sufficient interest for the stream you have already chosen. However, you may develop interest only when you can understand the basics of the subjects. Remain in touch with your colleagues and discuss the topics with which you have aversion, may be they would guide in a different way and ultimately such tips would be helpful to you. There would not be miracle initially but your constant discussion of the topics with them and the exchange of the ideas as a result of delegation would pave the way for the improvement. To sort out the difficulty being faced by you in connection with your studies can also be resolved by taking confidence with your professor. Even you have to take pain to go through the fundamentals of the subject so that you would have more inclination towards the subject.

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    Success is always with you when you work hard. Always take up course which your interested. Then automatically you can feel the subjects easy. For any course you take up you have to study hard for success. Now studying any thing is very easy through net surfing. Net surfing provides you a lot of vast knowledge. On any topic you get more examples and solutions to do.
    Stepping out is not the best solution, because all apple fruits will not be sweet. Similarly if you work hard you will definitely win. So my sincere advice is to not to give up your studies, but try to work hard and step to the way of success.


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