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    How can one learn a lot in limited time?

    Study a lot in limited time and do well in extracurricular activities, Participate in a lot of activities, competitive pressure among children

    Nowadays there is large competition for doing well in studies and extracurricular activities. Parents and teachers all are behind the child's back to participate in what not activities and win. This same pressure continues even in college as the child grows up.
    The list of 'to learn' skills is very long and there is always limited time.
    So the question for experts is:
    How can one learn a lot in limited time?
    Can you share some tips?
    Experts: do assist.
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    The main question comes when you think what you want to learn. You should first focus and get a clarity on what you want to know. Then work towards it. Nowadays finding a book and sitting with it for several hours is not quite easy method to learn. However you can use other methods like watching a tutorial video, or any other fancy way to read things.

    There are many lectures available in audio format. You can have them in your smart phones and listen to it when you are travelling somewhere. Other way is to have interactive videos that explains the concept that you want to learn in simple terms. That will help you learn a particular concept in a manner that will not be erased from your mind. The above are some of the methods that I usually follow to learn something new. Listening to lectures and audios helped me learn lots of things.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Studying just to cope up with the competition will not do the need. Studying in hurry to finish it in less time will not help. Understanding the concept is very clear. When you start studying, keep a target to finish that topic by understanding every concept in detail and clear instead of setting a time frame and trying to finish in that period. When you try to finish studying in lesser time, instead on understanding subjects we go for byhearting which we might forget later. Study thoroughly and if you feel time is less for preparation for examination and make a note of all the important topics. Prepare those topics first then go to next important topics. But don't waste time byheartning which you might forget later and it won't fetch you anything.

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    When it comes to learning in limited time, the information has to be specific and easily consumable. In case of information being vague and distributed, it'd be harder to learn things in short time. In that case it'd be harder for anyone to learn anything in short time. So one has to learn with the small bit of information that gives exposure to such data.

    Youtube Videos often have short consumable information in explainer video format. Most of the people these days can consume such data very easily. Also the videos like this can be used for exam and other purpose too. So it's good to keep tab on such explainer videos if you're in limited time for the exams.

    Another option is to listen to teachers. They can save a lot of time in learning. And visual instructions in lecture can be helpful too. I think it all depends on how the one gets the information processed and filtered in short time. if one has capacity then even going to lecture in college can be more than enough.

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    In case, you are having less time in the preparation of the subject concened, you may arrange the main points of the topic in a separate diary. The relevant section are to be understood fully so that you may write down the same with detailed explanations during the time of examination.
    The other way would be to listening to the entire chapters with someone else who could spare sometime for you in reading out the materials. Listening the contents would help you in recapitulation of the entire texts of the course.
    The more you understand the topic, the better it would be. Hence your strategy should be to understand the basics of the subject in order to reap benifit.

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    Study or learning something is not a race in which one has to run and compete others. It is a question of interest and choice.
    Ideally parents must not force their kids to learn every thing. It is better to learn about their interest and allow them to sharp their skills and knowledge as per their interest.
    This way, they may do some extraordinary in life in their own field.
    We only need to manage academic studies and extra curricular activities where there is no choice for academic studies and children can choose extracurricular activities as per their interest.


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