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    Differences between the washing powder used in washing machines and ordinary washing powder?

    Differences between the washing powder used in washing machines and ordinary washing powder, Is ordinary washing powder harmful for washing machines?

    Use of certain specific types/brands of washing powder is recommended for washing clothes in washing machines. Is there any difference in the washing powder used in washing machines and ordinary washing powder? What may be the possible harm in using ordinary washing powders in washing machines?
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    Yes there is a difference of washing powder for machines and hand wash. Washing powder for washing machine dissolves quickly in water and give good lather and washing also. Only if necessary for toooo soiled clothes we soak for 10-15 min. But when we use powder for hand was, we have to soak the clothes compulsory for half an hour alt east to get the dirt quickly. The powder which is not meant for washing machine doesn't dissolve quickly in water.
    If washing machine powder is not used for washing machine the machine will get spoilt fast because the powder stains remain in the clothes and the drum of washing machine. But now most of the powder can be used for both i,e washing machine and even hand wash. Particular instructions will be given before using that how much quantity we must use for washing machine and how much for hand wash clothes.....

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    Yes, sure it does matter in terms of water and energy savings. When our thought process is exceedingly more during the selection of high efficiency washing machine, the same has to be incorporated during our selection of laundry detergent as well. Choosing the right detergent plays a very important role in getting our clothes cleaned properly. I have an IFB machine at home and strictly adhere to the manufacturer specified liquid detergent.

    One must understand that the washing machine specific powders/liquid now come adhering to the latest technologies on which the machines are designed. Their formulations and chemicals present comply to match the latest requirements of new technologies. Basically, these high efficient detergents differ from the normal ones in the amount of producing suds and usage of water. They are inclined to low-sudsing (ie. produce less lather) and efficient dispersion. Generally, machines require less lather to be produced during tumbling or agitator action as they use less water for washing. Also, with ordinary washing powder, the parts get corroded sooner as the residues get deposited and doesn't get rinsed well in normal cycles. In that case, it takes on longer cycles for wash consuming more electricity as well.

    Hence, it's advisable to use manufacturer recommended detergent for efficient washing and to ensure longer life of the machine. Also, do follow lime scale maintenance cycle at least once in a month and cleaning of filters.



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