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    What is the principle of working of dish washers?

    Is it possible to clean all kinds of utensils in the dishwasher? Working principle of dishwasher.

    Nowadays use of dishwashers is increasing day by day. Is it possible to clean all kinds of utensils generally used in Indian kitchens in the dishwasher? What is the principle of working of dishwashers and what kind of washing powder /cleaning powder are used in dishwashers?
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    Dishwasher sprays hot water on to the utensils to clean them. A mixture of detergent and water is pumped to the vessels through the rotating arms. The cleaning takes place in cycles. Once the utensils are washed, the water is drained out. Some more hot water is pumped and again a new rinse cycle will start. After this cycle is finished and the dishes are washed, utensils are dried.
    Usually any type of vessels can be washed through dishwasher. You will have shelves in the dishwasher and you can place your dish accordingly in the shelves. You can wash non stick, cooker etc in dishwasher.
    You can use a regular detergent powder in dishwasher but it will not be effective. There are detergent's available only for dishwasher and for effective cleaning you can use that.

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    As you said that there are many dishwashers available in the market. Some dishwashers come in the form of soap and some in liquid detergent. Most of the dishwashers use all types of cleansing chemicals. Some times some of the products will be so harsh that we get allergy in hands. Actually I wish to say that we can use liquid detergent than using dish wash soap.

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