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    What is a foot spa and what are the treatments offered here?

    Details about foot spa and the treatments offered in a foot spa, Cost of foot spa

    Recently I came across an advertisement about a foot spa. What is a foot spa and what kind of treatments are offered in a foot spa? Is it same as pedicure? What are the similarities and differences between a pedicure and a foot spa? What may be the average/approximate cost of availing services at a foot spa?
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    Foot spa is to keep the foot clean, healthy,makes a good look of the feet,removes stress.Foot is the one that takes care of the
    whole body without falling down while performing various daily actions like walking,jogging, running, dancing, standing,sitting,
    performing exercises for the body.For the whole body jogging is also best.

    Simple words Taking care of our foot in order to keep the blood circulation, relieving stress and arthritic pain,preventing and reducing headaches, also in the treatment of lack of sleep due to ageing, insomnia,getting rid of toxins that maintains the PH balance in the body, removing wrinkles that also helps in improving the immune system. You can feel like getting re-energize, relaxed,relieving of tensions after work before sleep gives us the sound sleep. This can be done either by ourself or with the help of experts in the foot spa.
    Light Massage in the foot will stimulate all the nerve in the foot, that helps in reducing the headaches,migraine,also in acidity,indigestion, gives a sound sleep. These are some of the treatments offered in the Foot spa.

    The simple way of Foot spa at home is by immersing the Feet in tub of warm water allowing it for more than 30 minutes along with a soft music, in a calm environment. The music soothes the mind and relaxes the body and mind, keeps away from the tensions. Effective after work.These also involves cleaning,applying lotions and after finishing painting the nail using the nail polish. Care has to be taken before applying the lotion, whether they are good for your skin and feet. Check whether they are allergic or not for your skin. This can be done on alternative days in a week.
    Nail cutting, removal of dried skin,nail files involved in the Foot spa. This is like giving the feet a bath by soaking them in the luke warm water.

    "Pedicure" its a treatment (Cosmetic beauty) for the toenails (to prevent diseases like Fungus,ingrown toenails,Athlete's foot) and feet. Pedicure
    comes from Latin. 'Pes' means foot and 'cura' means care.Its includes lower leg, beautiful toes, foot massages for your feet. Its also called as a manicure for the the feet. The feet would end up in smooth and moisturized, your toes perfectly shape and polish.
    There are also few types of pedicures like express pedicure, Fish pedicure. The treatment of pedicure prices varies with every salon.

    Foot is the one thing that has to be taken care off.

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