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    Correction of name in 12th certificate

    Procedure to correct mother's name in 12th certificate

    Respected Sir/Mam

    In my 12th class my mother's name is wrong in registration slip but in my 12th certificates mother's name is not there(only father's name is there) any problems in future please tell me.
    Can I correct my mother's name in registration slip?
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    Different educational boards have different systems and formats of issuing certificates. Since the name of board is not revealed by the author, it is difficult to offer any specific comment. However since fathers name is appearing in the certificate, it appears that there may not be any major problem in future while applying for job etc. First of all the author may find out, if the board which has issued the certificate to him, follows the system of mentioning mothers name also on the certificate or not. Generally in most of the cases , mothers name is not asked in routine while applying for a job. In case the same is required to be filled in any application, the actual name of the mother should be filled. Passport in one important document in which mother's name also appears.
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    Respected sir in my certificate the board which has issued the certificate to me not mentioning mothers name on the certificate.
    but in the registration slip mentioning mother's name, in registration slip my mother's name is wrong then any problem during verification if certificate in govt. job please tell me.

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    Since most of the Boards follow the system where the names of the successful candidate and the name of father of the candidate are mentioned and so you need not worry on that account. However, if you are interested for the inclusion of your mother name as well, you have to approach the Headmaster/ Principal of your school from where you have studied with an application indicating your desire to include the name of your mother. This application along with the recommendation of the authority of the school, you would be issued a duplicate - certificate after submitting the prescribed fee for getting the same. It would take some time however you would get the corrected certificate in due course from the office of the Board.

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    Respected sir..
    my 12th certificate mother's name is not provide by my board but at the registration slip and admit card my mother's name is there but wrong...I want to know that when my certificate is verified by any govt. organisation by board then any problem? in my 12th certificates only father's name is there.
    please sir tell me.

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    Dear Ansh,
    Since there is incorporation of your father's name in the certificate, there is enough proof of you being a legitimate candidate having passed the prescribed examination. I don't think you would face any problem in relation to the verification of the certificate.

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