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    Out of the two breakfast cereals - dalia and corn flakes, which one is more beneficial?

    Which is more beneficial breakfast, dalia or corn flakes? Nutritional value of dalia and corn flakes, Chemical preservatives in corn flakes

    Generally many people take cereals like dalia (cracked wheat) or corn flakes in the breakfast. Out of the two cereals for breakfast - dalia and corn flakes, which one is more beneficial? What are the nutritional facts of the two items? Do corn flakes contain some chemical preservatives also?
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    Corn flakes can be good if taken in non processed form. There are some of the brands who add the preservatives. Also the process with which it goes it makes the corn flakes not good for the longer term. You can buy the corn flakes from local brand which are not chemically processed. They can have the nutritional value. Also they can make up with better diet instead of the dalia.

    In case of dalia, it is much better as it has no preservatives. But compared to the corn flakes, it has less nutritional value. So for that you have to choose which one suits your health.

    There are also oats which are much better with either milk or in boiled form. In comparison to dalia and corn flakes, the oats are much better for the health too.

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    A carciogenic preservative named BHT is added in Corn Flakes to preserve its freshness .Corn Flakes is still healthy because it has low calories and low sodium and those are ingredients that our body doesn't need much. But as Dalia does not have any preservative it can be taken in breakfast.
    Nutritional Values of Corn Flakes;
    1] Calories 357
    2] Fat 0.4 g
    3] Cholesterol 0 mg
    4] Sodium 729 mg
    5] Potassium 168 mg
    6] Carbohydrate 84 g
    7] Protein 8 g
    Nutritional Values of dalia;
    1] Calories 241
    2] Fat 0 g
    3] Cholesterol 0 mg
    4] Sodium 0 mg
    5] Potassium 0 mg
    6] Sugars og
    7] Protein og

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    Comparing the the nutritional values between Dahlia and the Corn - flakes, later seems to be the most benificial if taken daily as breakfast. But since the Corn - flakes are added with the Carcegenic material in the form of preservative and as such its consistent use should be avoided. However, the indegeniously prepared cornflakes without having any addition of preservative can used as breakfast and can enjoy all the nutritional values.
    In terms of healthy breakfast, Oats may also be chosen because of the same having high fibrous content and other essential nutrients. Regular use of Oats can take care of the Cholesterol - level of our metabolism.

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