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    Is drinking chemically pure water good for health?

    Is drinking chemically pure water harmful for health? Which kind of water to drink

    In laboratories distilled water or chemically pure water is used for carrying out chemical testing and research etc. Is drinking chemically pure water harmful for health? Do normal water contains some nutrients also is dissolved form? What type of water is ideal for drinking?
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    There will be varied views for this question. Ideally we should drink clean, filtered water but it must contain the required minerals.
    Many times, a filtered water in terms of UV or RO, people says that the required minerals are also removed while cleaning the water but that water is not good for us in long term use.


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    Chemically treated water should not not be used for a long time because of depletion of the essential minerals required for the nourishment of the body. Calcium, Iron, Magnesium are the essential nutrients and its presence in the normal water is benificial for human - drinking.
    However, testing of normal - water is essential to detect the harmful chemicals such as Lead, Cadmium, Chemical affluents, certain micro - organisms responsible for the spread of water- borne disease such as Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhoea, Dysentry etc. The health - inspector deputed in a certain locality should ensure the fitness of the water - sample.
    An ideal water should contain enough nutrients essential for the nourishment of the body. Chemically treated water is devoid of such minerals and hence not suitable for usage for long.

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    Water in it's natural form is good for us to drink. However some people have hard time with water taste and it;s minerals etc. So they often use the water which has all the minerals and natural composition removed. And that is good if you're in region where you can't stand the water taste.

    Clean pure water lacks the natural extracts that makes up natural water. So it is not good for health if consumed long term. Your body needs to be adaptable to natural content in the water. And for that reason often such water is not good for health.

    If possible make a habit to consume the regular water instead of mineral water. This way your body can adapt to the seasonal changes in the water. So that's often being said by the doctors too. You should adapt to nature instead of choosing mineral water all the time.

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    Chemically pure water is not good for drinking. The natural water which has in it dissolved oxygen and many other essential salts and ingredients necessary for our body. Chemically pure water can cause chemical disturbances also . Chemically pure water is not tasty as it is devoid of many natural salts dissolved in natural water. Water with very less salts dissolved in it tends to taste bitter.

    If the source is known and found to be reasonably hygienic, it is optimum water for drinking after filtered for the sediments and floating dust etc. Municipal water supplied after treatment are okay f not contaminated during transit. If in doubt it may be boiled cooled and consumed.

    If the water is hard underground water, then RO water filter may be used to soften it and the TDS adjusted around 50 to suit our tastes.

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    Chemically pure water or distilled water is not potable. It is tasteless, odourless liquid which may cause a vomiting tendency, if taken. Distilled water does not contain essential minerals and salts available in potable water. So, it is not beneficial for health.
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