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    Which sport is most popular in terms of number of people playing the game?

    More popular sports among cricket and football, Cricket or Football, which is played by more people?

    It is not about the number of fan followers of any particular sport as cricket and football appears to have more fan followers compared to other sports. Which sport is most popular in the world in terms of number of people actually playing the same?
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    It is not very difficult to answer that. It will be Football. Even by the count of number of followers of the sport, Football is winner. Cricket is popular only few countries and Football is considered as favourite game in many nations, Even the results will lead to country wide celebrations/protests too sometimes. There are lots of clubs playing football in many countries and lots of leagues going on and based on the popularity of the sport Football wins the race in terms of number of people playing the sport.
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    Football seems to be growing sport in number of continents. Most of the people around the world play this sport. Also the amount of people competing for the finals in the world cup are more so the popularity explains there.

    After football there are some of the other sports such as - cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis etc. These sports have the popularity but it's hard to gauge them how each one of them being better than the other.

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    Football is the clear winner in terms of number of spectators as well as number of countries where football is played. Football is popular in all continents. On the other hand, cricket is popular only in a few countries which have colonial heritage. Hockey is less popular than football. Although badminton, tennis and table tennis are played in many countries, the number of spectators is less.

    So, we can undoubtedly say that football is the most popular sports of the world.

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    Comparing both the games Football is more popular and most played game than Cricket.
    Football is played in almost all the countries and cricket only in fewer countries.
    Here are top 5 popular games with more number of fans all over the world;
    1] Football, Soccer =3.5 billion
    2] Cricket = 2.5 billion
    3] Hockey = 2 billion
    4] Tennis = 1 billion
    5] Volleyball = 900 million

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    Based on participation of athletes, Football is the most famous sport. Now you must be wondering why? Let's have a look at the countries who play the famous sports and which sports have most professional leagues.

    Let's compare some famous leagues and participants across the world from different sports with Football. English Premier League is the best sports league in the world. Some of the biggest names compete in this league which runs from August to May. There are 20 teams in EPL and each team is comprised of approx 30 players in main squad and then there are backups as well. So every year, at least 600 players participate in biggest Football league. But this is not a proof that Football has most participants. Prof is that Football has most numbers of professional leagues. India is ranked over 140 in FIFA rankings but still have a very professional league. Most of the countries have a professional league of Football. Now compare this with Baseball and you will find that only few countries have a professional baseball league. Same is for Basketball and Cricket. There are over 200 professional football leagues across the world. Basketball has approx 70 and Baseball only has 50 odd such leagues and numbers for cricket is even lower. Cricket only has 10-12 professional leagues. Football is in top 10 sports in terms of participation of athletes in every country.

    Although cricket has three different formats, still it's played only in 104 countries (That's the number of countries which are member of ICC) while the number of countries associated with FIFA are 211. The numbers for baseball are under 100 while for Basketball its 110. So clearly Football is leading in terms of number of leagues and numbers of countries who play the game which means the number of athletes who participates in Football are way more than any other sport.

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