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    Information about Dongle and Pocket Router Wifi

    Comparative discussion about dongle and pocket router wifi in terms of functional efficiency, brands available for the same, prices.

    I planning to buy a dongle. I don't have much idea about it because mostly I use data packs. What is a Dongle? What is an Pocket Router Wifi? What is the difference between both of them? Or are both same? In what price they are available? Also suggest me some good brands which are always the choice of customers. And should I buy online or from any local shop.
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    Dongle and WiFi router both differ in the signal strength. Dongle is also limited to single user. And it can't be shared for more than one connection. In case of WiFi router is a hub which can be shared with more than one user.

    Pricing for Wifi router is going to be slightly different than the dongle. Dongle is cheaper compared to WiFi router. And also the data plans are going to be the same for both. In case if the prices are not same. You can just use the external Wifi router and use the Dongle's data card inside the router.

    Vodafone has the dongle price starting from 1500 Rs onwards depending on 2G or 3G dongle you are buying. Wifi router costs around 2500 Rs onwards. Other telecom providers may cost higher or low depending on your state and the service being offered.

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    Dongle is a small device which can be plugged into a USB port of a desktop. Laptop, and mobile phones having OTG facility. The dongle can be used to get internet connection by using a suitable SIM with data connection ( or without sim in certain CDMA services). The dongles are more useful for getting internet connection on portable devices like Laptop, Smartphone ,tablet etc and for people who are on the go. There are open dongles where one can use SIM of any service provider with suitable configuration. There are closed or locked dongles where only a particular service provider's service can be used. It is always better to go for an open dongle.
    If you are using a sim card with data pack in your phone , the same sim can be used in a dongle (if otherwise compatible) for getting internet to your desktop or laptop. For using with phones and tablets you may need a OTG connector, which may be provided along with the phone or tablet.
    In case you want to get internet in your various devices having WiFi facility, then a pocket router is helpful. A pocket WiFi router is just a portable WiFi router. The incoming connection of internet may be a broadband connection or a connection by using the (USB) Dongle as detailed in earlier paragraphs. The Pocket router needs its own configuration which will be given in the manual coming with it. Some [ocket routers come as power banks also.
    I was using both Dongle and pocket router very successfully and found then very convenient. I used the Dongle and Pocket router combination when I did not have the broadband connection .At home we were using net for a mobile and tablet, Laptop and desktop. Subsequently when I took a broadband (WiMax) connection , I used the same pocket router also and used all those devices as early. Then the dongle was not necessary. But as my pocket wifi router was also used as power bank, it developed problems in one year and no one was ready to repair it.

    For a suitable dongle or pocket router for you may do search in the internet with the keywords and verify their features if compatible with your device and operating system. The common ones are DLink, Huwaei, ibaton, Lava,Microsoft etc. Do your homework first and comparison and then go for a buy. You may also enquire with your nearby dealers on these.

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    Internet is a very good companion and every possible gadget. First you decide whether you want a internet connection at home or when you want to travel.
    POCKET WIFI ROUTER:- This is a portable small sized wifi router it looks like a credit card and very easy to carry every where. when your travelling it is best to buy a wifi router and get a connectivity, just create a hotspot so that you coneect multiple devices.
    Main points to keep in mind when buying a wifi router is
    1)Data plans:- Check the data plans offered by the internet service provider.
    2)Locked or unlocked:- This is very important to know when your buying a wifi router. If you buy a cheap device then there is possibility that the router is locked to a service provider. where you will not be able to use it with any other service providers. If you buy a unlocked device then you can shange the service provider whenever you want.
    3) Number of devices you want to connect:- Whenever you buy a wifi router check how many devices you want to connect. normally it alows 5 devices. suppose if you want to connect more number of devices then it is better to go for higher connections.
    4) compatibility with your service provider:- Check whether the service provider which your buying has a coverage to your area and whether it is compatible to your sim, usb datacard.
    5)3G/4G Data Card support:- check the speed of the wifi router
    6)Wifi speed
    7) Wifi router which has a inbuilt poerful battery
    8)Quick start:- Check whether the wifi router boots up quickly .
    9)Mobile wifi app to manage the support and connections.
    10) Check whether it has USB 2.0 Ports. This is all about the wifi router so it is best to buy a wifi router than a dongler, because as most of them have written it is specified to use only for one person at a time and seems to be costlier. even the speed is not as fast as wifi.. Hope my few information would solve your confusion

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