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    Group discussion topic in air india for cabin crew

    My interview is tomorrow, tips for GD or group discussion topics for cabin crew interview,

    What kind of group discussion topic they give for cabin crew interviewers. I applied for Northern region. I had a interview tomorrow and I don't have any idea about group discussion for a government job. Please help me out in this and what is PAT exam
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    As per the published notification, Air India, the eligible candidates are required to go through a Group Dynamics & Personality Assessment Test (GD & PAT). Thus the PAT test means Personality Assessment Test. The candidates who pass GD and PAT test are required to appear in a written test. The exercises in group dynamics tests are likely to involve group discussions, group role play exercises and gruop tasks etc. As discussed in the available resources some of the tips regarding such exercises are as follows-
    Smile, maintain calm and composure, be at ease, be polite and friendly, speak clearly, don't waffle, don't adopt confrontational or aggressive attitude, stay focused, don't intercept other's talk, never try to dominate the interaction, listen to what others have to say and respect their point of view.
    The author may consider joining some reputed coaching institute for training / guidance.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The group discussion and Personality Assessment test comprise evaluation of total personality of the aspirants such their manner of talk during conversation, Atticacies, Patience, their neatness and above all how they react with a question being put to them. Thus there will be a total evaluation of the several components so as to make you fit for upcoming test ie written test.
    You can enhance your skill and can make your presence felt if you join a coaching Institute where many aspects such as pronounciation, manner of atticacies, way of presentation and other parameters are discussed to make the aspirants proficient in the similar line. Such exposure would be helpful in achieving success in the PAT test.

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