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    My name is incorrect on my marksheets.

    Difference of spellings in marksheets of class 10,12 and passport and its after effects.

    My full name is Rohan Abhijit Agnihotri but the name which is on my SSC, HSC and degree marksheet is Rohan Abhijeet Agnihotri. While the name on my passport is Rohan Abhijit Agnihotri. I want study abroad in future. So will it matter and if so how can I change it.
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    A uniformity in name on all your academic, legal and other important documents is always important.
    From your query, it seems that your name is same in all your academically important documents but in Passport, it is different.
    I would like to know about your Birth certificate. What is written on that?
    If that is again fine, then you should go for correction in Passport, which is not at all a lengthy process. You just need to submit a filled form for name revision along with fee and required documents. After proper verification, it will be done in around 15 days only.
    Other documents like PAN card, Adhaar Card, etc are also important to consider because for Visa approval they will ask for all these documents and even a slight variation in name may cause some problem for you.


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    On my birth certificate and Voter ID it is Abhijit and on my PAN card, Aadhar card it is Abhijeet. Now I want to make it Abhijit on all my documents. How can I do it? And will there be a problem?

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    The spelling difference is very minor. So it should not cause any specific problem in your case. Also you can ask the foreign migration consultancies how this small variation can affect you. I am sure they can guide you on this. Most of the time the issues with such variation are not much going to cause any issue. For example, in US there are people who spell name "brittany" or "britny". So both the names are pronounced the same way.

    If the foreign education and migration consultancies ask you to get this correction done. In such case you can go through the process for correcting the documents. And that would be much better way to manage the names.

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