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    How to imporve haemoglobin in 2.5 years old boy?

    Son is 2.5 years old and anemic. Food and medicinal supplements for a young anemic boy. Son has no appetite for food and hence he is anemic, what to do?

    My son is just 2.5 years old yet and is anemic. His Hb level is only 5.6. Doctor suggested blood transfusion initially but after observing his activities, she prescribed some supplements saying that he is active so currently no need for blood transfusion but needs to improve his health soon.

    My son is never seemed interested in food. He does not like anything to eat. I have tried so many things including stuffed spinach paratha, stuffed idli, etc. I tried even different iron rich juices too, but he does not like anything. I do not know how to develop taste in him. Whenever he feels extreme hunger, he asks for milk bottle. That is it for him. When I insist him not to have milk bottle, he starts crying out loud.
    Seeking workable solutions from experts and experienced!
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    For this tiny child mother's milk is enough and there is no equivalent one in this world as it is the Gift of God to child. There may be medicines from allopathic but they are all secondary to the mother's milk. However read this article which will helpful to you in this connection.

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    In case of hemoglobin, some of the food sources such as beet root, carrot, pomegranate and banana can be good. Depending on how the child specialist has suggested the diet, you have to vary the diet respectively. I suggest you to contact the child specialist doctor in the hospital near you. And this way you can decide the diet and other process on how to manage the hemoglobin for your child. I don't think forum such as this is suitable for the medical advice that is specific to the blood and that too of child.

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    You may try the following got the enhancement of Homoglonobile of your baby-
    1) Offer him one ripe banana daily either in raw state or should be mashed in some milk.
    2) If possible, provide him beet - root juice.
    3) Dates and Pomegranate may also be tried.
    4) Dry - fruits such as Raisins and Almond should be tried. Four to five pieces of Raisins should be given to the baby for at least a fortnight early in the morning in the empty stomach, you can see a positive result within a very short period. Also Almonds offer very positive result if given in the morning by dissolving this powder along with the milk.
    5) Vitamin -C is also essential to assimilate the Iron - content and hence the baby should also be provided grapes and oranges at least three to four times in a week.

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    You have mentioned as your son is not taking any food. In that case what you do is take one beetroot, grind it smoothly adding little water. Give that juice to him to drink.

    Pomegranate juice also you can give him to drink. If he is not drinking in glass, what you do is, you can purchase a steel glass with straw. in that your pour the juice and give him. If there is straw surely children will drink.

    When you are making juices you can add one date in that.

    Surely hemoglobin will increase. According to my experience I have written this. Try this and let me know how he is.

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