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    How to cure corn and prevent its reoccurance

    Lumpy round hard skin formulation under my toe, Details about toe corn and how to remove it?

    I have a small lumpy round hard skin formulation under my toe. It doesn't pain, no aches gives no problem to me. It is only when I see it I feel an urge to remove it. I was told my friends and family that it is a corn.
    I want to know what it is? how and why do they occur? At the same time, what products can be used for its removal and prevention in future.
    thank you
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    Most of the skin specialist suggest the person to use the homeopathy solutions on corn. As the regular options for curing are often using specific acid therapy. Also the laser surgery is one option.

    There are two creams that you can try. These are good for warts and corns. 1. Thuja and the 2. dewarts.

    You have to apply every alternate days on the corn. And this way you can easily prevent the corn from reoccurring every now and then.

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