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    How to cure corn and prevent its reoccurance

    I have a small lumpy round hard skin formulation under my toe. It doesn't pain, no aches gives no problem to me. It is only when I see it I feel an urge to remove it. I was told my friends and family that it is a corn.
    I want to know what it is? how and why do they occur? At the same time, what products can be used for its removal and prevention in future.
    thank you
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    There are some plasters for removing corn in the feet available in all medical shops. That is really useful and effective, as I personally seen one of my relative got benefited by using the plaster.
    Also refer
    for further details related to feet corn.

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    There are various home remedies to remove corns. I am mentioning two of them, which I have found effective among my friends and relatives:-
    (a) Before going to bed, use a needle to prick a vitamin E or vitamin A capsule, then rub the oil into the corn. After letting the oil remain for a few minutes, put on a cotton sock and go to bed. Repeat this exercise every night until the corn is gone.
    (b) For corns on toes, place a non-medicated, o-shaped corn pad around the corn. Use a cotton swab to put a few drops of castor oil on the corn, then cover it with adhesive tape to keep it from moving. Repeat this exercise every night until the corn is gone.

    If these methods don't work satisfactorily, you have to undergo a minor operation to remove he corn.

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    Hi dear,
    The problem you mentioned is very common. I doubt whether it is a corn or not because corn usually gives slight pain while walking. It feels like a needle in our foot if it is a corn.

    In other case, it may be lump of dead cells which can be removed simply by pedicure. There are some minor foot care instruments are available to remove such dead cells which are safe for use at home.

    To avoid this problem, we need to keep our foot clean and dry. We should avoid wearing others foot wears and even socks.


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