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    Laptop Blinking screen problem

    Screen is blinking in my ultrabook, Problem in screen and graphics card of my laptop.

    Hello Experts ??,
    I'm having a problem with my laptop (ultrabook) , it's screen blinks sometimes, and If I connect an external monitor through the HDMI port, both of the screens blinks at the sametime !

    Is the issue in the laptop's screen or in the graphic card or sth else ??

    Please help,

    Thanks in advance ??
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    Most of the time when the screen is blinking then it is the issue with the display. And this often happens when the VGA connection from motherboard is not being passed properly. So the real fault lies in the motherboard. Because here in your case changing display also shows the same issue. So you need to get your motherboard fixed. And that can be done by taking the laptop to the service center. This should solve your problem completely.

    Another option check with the online service stations replies on this issue. And they can manage this for you on your behalf. It works for most of such faults. It should cost around 800-1000 Rs for some minor issue. If the motherboard needs replacement then you need to put in more money.

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    The issue could arise either due to hardware or software problems. First of all you need to check if there is any software issue like an incompatible graphics driver, incorrect system settings or conflict from third party applications.

    This can be identified by starting your system in safe mode by pressing any of the keys from F1 to F12 during the booting process. If you are unsure, you should check your manufacturers website for details. If the problem does not appear then you can safely assume that the problem is not with the hardware. In this case you should either change or upgrade your graphics driver, tweak your system settings, or remove the conflicting third party application. However if the problem still persists in the safe mode then the problem could lie in the hardware of your laptop in which case you should take it to a laptop service center.

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    In simple steps it's good to check with the weather, the computer has been left unused for a long time, sometimes the screen will appear later.
    Due to voltage fluctuations sometimes the screen may not appear. You got to check for the power supply is good for your laptop. If the screen does not blink while you are using with the battery, then the problem is with the connection of the laptop with power supply.

    Usually the screen blinking happens with display card not inserted properly. . Sometimes it happens when the laptop has not been serviced for a long time.Close the Monitor by lowering and raising the laptop, check whether the flicker occurs again and again. Screen cable might be a problem, else backlight or inverter can be damaged. Take it to a expert to fix it.

    1. You can try to change the refresh rate of your monitor. Refresh rate - each second it refreshes is measured. Sometimes it's bad for LCD.
    Choose Screen resolution-->click Adv. setting and monitor --> disable or check the " hide modes" also find the highest refresh rate and select it from the list.

    2. Graphics card driver software update. Go to the Device manager, look for the display adapters - check manufacturer, model of the Video card.
    Google for the same driver software for the same model and download it. update it. Sometimes the driver software gets corrupt, flicker might happen.

    3. Check whether you are using the Direct X. Look for the Vertical Sync, it often locks the refresh rate, that will refresh the monitor.

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