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    Is artificial or synthetic honey available in the market?

    Details about artificial or synthetic honey, Comparison between pure honey and artificial honey

    Is artificial or synthetic honey also available in the market? How artificial honey is manufactured and how to distinguish between a pure honey and an artificial honey? What are the differences and similarities between the nutritional values of pure and artificial honey?
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    Surprisingly and sadly, yes, markets have brands of synthetic or artificial honey available. What we get in sealed bottles under branded labels, a layman my not find out the difference in taste or may be texture.

    I grew up in a place where people came to do this stuff taking out honey, and till I grew up we always had that pure honey in our home. So, as per the differences told to my mother by to see people who did this work, if you add honey to water, real honey would lump and settle at the bottom. while artificial may start dissolving. Another very common and interesting thing is natural honey is sticky. If you rub it between your fingers and it gets absorbed, it is pure. If it remains and gives the sticky feel, it has artificial sweetener in it.

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    There are very much chances of getting artificial and even synthetic honey in market. Usually people blame or doubt for sealed pack bottles of honey as they may be synthetic.
    I had experience where a poor villager was selling honey claiming that its pure and extracted from the Hive directly. My neighbor bought it happily but after some time, it got a bit solidified and then it started resembling Jaggery syrup.

    It is very difficult to distinguish between natural and synthetic honey and only experienced people can do that. But I trust Dabur honey and using that only.


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    The market is flooded with different brands of honey. We purchase honey of the superior brands hoping that the product would be absolutely superior in terms of purity. But on chemical analysis of such brands, adulteration has been exposed.
    The best way would be to rely upon the people engaged in bee - farming and collection of honey with their effort. Otherwise, you may have the honey of Dabur for your personnel use.
    The purity of the honey can be assessed by pouring a few drops of honey in a container containing water and if the drops of honey settle on the bottom of the container, it signifies the purity of the product.

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    Synthetic honey is very common these days in the market. The reason being bee producing honey is not sufficient for the market. So there is a gap in supply. So this gap is filled by producing the artificial honey using the sugarcane juice and other synthetic material.

    There are many ways to find out how the honey is natural or synthetic.

    1. Real honey doesn't stick on your finger compared to synthetic.
    2. Real honey is thick. Synthetic is not.
    3. Real honey does not form foam if burned for long. Artificial honey does have foam on it.
    4. If you spread real honey on bread, it gets hard in a minute. In case of synthetic honey, it remains in soft form.
    5. Real honey has natural impurities whereas the synthetic one doesn't have.

    These are some of the ways you can find out if the honey is real or synthetic. You may find that the factories that are into bee keeping and honey production can give you pure honey.

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