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    What is the difference between pure and applied sciences?

    Difference between pure and applied sciences

    In the field of science, courses like B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. etc. are offered by various educational institutions/universities in India. However, in certain type of courses it is mentioned that the same is in the field of pure science and in certain other it is said to be in the field of applied science. What is the difference between pure and applied sciences?
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    Pure science is the branch of science having different fields such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics etc and in each field there is a storage of vast theoretical knowledge and apart from it, continious reasearch is going on regularly to make the subjective more informative.
    Applied - science is a technology where the extracts of the subjects are being utilised in a practical dimension. In the field Microbiology or in Biochemistry, the theories of the subjects are utilised in the practical sphere for the welfare of man- kind. Similarly, Applied Physics and Applied chemistry have wide relevance in our practical life.
    Reasearch in Pure - science is carried out in Laboratories where as the applied - science is utilised beyond the laboratories to percolate its benifits in the real terms.

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